Great Gifts For Dinosaur Lovers

The holidays are right around the corner and it’s time to start thinking of gifts that do more then just sit in a toy box collecting dust. With stikbots you nurture creativity and spark the animator within every child! 

The birds are flying away, every Stikdino is running away, and trees continue to fall one by one… What could be coming this way? Is it a StikTRex? Is it a StikCarnotaurus? Is it a harmless StikBrontosaurus? With the Stikbot Mega Dinos you get to tell the story! 

With tons of Stikbot Dino Eggs to collect you can play everyday with a new dinosaur!

The Stiktriceratops, Stikstegosarus, Stikpachycephalosaurus, and Stikparasaurolophus live in harmony while the Stikdilophosaurus, Stikpterodactyl and Stikvelociraptors roam the land looking for their next meal. Will the herbivores be able to team up and stop the carnivores? As the director, it’ll be up to you! 

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