Monday 17 September 2018

5 unique craft projects to try with your kids this year

1.    Woodwork

Woodwork is a noble and engaging activity that would be perfect for you and your kids to try out. 

This type of activity really does a lot of good to the child, as it helps them to engage their creative processes and focus on a particular project till completion. This helps to teach them skills such as patience, resilience, determination and so much more. Some of the simple woodwork craft projects that you can try with your kids include a small ladder, a simple miniature boat, or a birdhouse. It will grant your kids a lot of joy and fulfillment to see some of their work being put to use, such as feeding the birds through the birdhouse, therefore, try the activity.

2.    Painting

Painting has been a pastime favourite activity for many, including adults. One can paint with watercolours,

oils and create beautiful complex or simple pieces for display. A new trend, however, is diamond painting. 

This kind of painting involves the use of small diamond-like shapes which can be used to create different pictures using different colours. This can be quite fun for a child and can be an exciting project to do as a group. You can buy diamond painting kits online and try out this new method. It will be definitely a fun and pleasant tool to use with your kids.

3.    Tie and dye

Instead of throwing away those old and plain white t-shirts and pieces of cloth, put them to good use and 

use them in tie and dye. The activity has endless opportunities and styles as there is a broad category of 

patterns and colours to choose from. You can allow your kids to go all out and push their creativity and let them try out this fun craft using all sorts of patterns, and you may actually find yourself with beautiful pieces that you can actually wear.

4.    Origami

This practice is from the Japanese culture and has been adopted in various countries all over the world. The 

advantage of this activity is that it does not get too messy. You and your kids can have loads of fun while folding paper into various shapes, for instance, into birds, puppies or swans. Afterwards, you may paint the paper using various colours and add, for, instance, eyes, noses and teeth into your creations. This is bound to be really enjoyable for your kids and for you as well.

5.    Halloween costumes

With Halloween just around the corner, it is the best time for your kids to start preparing the costumes that they will wear. There are so many choices to choose from, for instance, from their favourite superhero or cartoon characters. Making of the costumes allows the kids to engage in various forms of crafts such as sewing, decorating and colouring for instance, through dyeing. This will engage them in their various mental, emotional and physical capacities as they will be very excited to make something that they will love and wear when they go out trick or treating.

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