Wednesday 19 September 2018

Bills, Bills, Bills: How To Save Money On Your Monthly Expenses

Money seems to disappear from bank accounts as soon as it goes into them. Paychecks are eaten up by daily expenses and small treats, but primarily by monthly bills. Money-saving apps are everywhere now -- from Qapital, to Digit, to Acorns, and more -- with the goal of designing clear budgets for you that are easy to follow. While these apps may be perfect for people who simply need to prioritize their spending and work on saving, other people need immediate, tangible solutions. Here are some active ways to save on some common bills that tend to overtake the budget.


You first want to make sure that you are getting the best deal with your carrier and plan. Do some comparison shopping between different carriers, and see if you can take advantage of any seasonal deals. You will also want to make sure that you aren't paying for a bigger plan than what you use. Check how much data you actually use in your phone's settings, and see if the average data you use is below the data cap on your plan. Consider using Google Voice for calling and texting. Depending on your carrier, you can make free unlimited calls and texts with Google Voice, allow you to leave your carrier's texting plan entirely.


If you feel like you're paying for a lot more than you use with your cable and internet package, you probably are. Look into changing providers or downgrading your plan. If you had a plan that covered everyone in the house with a lot of channels, but your kids recently moved away or left for college, consider cutting what you don't use. When you call your cable and internet provider to make these changes, sometimes it pays off to just ask for a lower price. Be persistent and upfront about what you need and don't hesitate to ask for a manager or the customer care department, as they are often willing to make concessions to keep you as a customer.


For homeowners who pay water bills, investing in your plumbing and water fixtures can save you money in the long run. You can save about 10% on your water bill by fixing easily corrected household water leaks. Leaks around faucets, drains, and within your plumbing could be costing you without you being aware of it. You can also look into installing low-flow toilets and fixtures. While some people may dislike this option because they strongly prefer high water pressure in the shower, those who can make it work will save money. Conserve water you use during a shower by taking Navy Showers, in which you jump in and get wet, turn off the water, soap up and scrub, and then turn it back on the rinse.
Oftentimes the smallest changes will make the biggest difference. When it comes to bills, every tiny thing adds up and you'll find yourself saving the most when you trim away what you don't need.

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