Monday 17 September 2018

How to create a low-cost coffee bar at home

Planning to setup your own coffee bar at home? You’re in the right place! This article will show you 4 tips on setting up your very own coffee haven. We’ll look at several factors to consider and make sure you get to plan out your project thoroughly. 

If you’re a household who loves coffee, everyone in your family will appreciate having a coffee bar. They can be their own barista, mix and blend drinks to their heart’s content, and be happy with the overall experience. It doesn’t even have to be a fancy bar filled with top of the line equipment. This article is all about getting your dream coffee bar at a low-cost, but of course without sacrificing quality. Ready? Here are 4 tips you should know about:

1. Get the right furniture

We’re saying furniture because a coffee bar doesn’t literally have to be a bar, right? It could be a small table, a kitchen trolley, or even a repurposed shelf. The purpose of building a coffee bar is just to give your coffee making essentials a designated station in your kitchen, be it as small as a nook, or as part of your breakfast bar table. 

There is no specific type of furniture for a coffee bar, and since we’re looking at low-cost options, DIY is your friend. You can try repurposing any small table you have into your very own coffee station. Got a kitchen trolley somewhere that’s not being used? That’s a great way to start. Pick a place where you can station your table, make sure it’s near some outlets, and start filling in your coffee bar. Additional shelving and storage can be installed along the way if there’s a need for one, but right now, the most basic thing you’ll need for a coffee bar is the station itself. 

2. Get the right equipment

Getting the right equipment is really dependent on your household needs. You can get the best Keurig coffee maker or the simplest Kitchenaid brewer. Some families enjoy good old plain black coffee with just creamer and sugar, and some prefer espressos and frothy milk on their lattes. Different needs for different families. For the former, a regular coffee maker will do. For the latter, we might be looking into hybrid espresso makers with multiple functions. A coffee bar doesn’t need to be a one-stop shop for all things coffee, at the very least it must be able to prepare family favorites. If you have kids who doesn’t like coffee yet, a good addition to your station could be chocolate drinks and marshmallows.

For coffee stations, it also pays to get your own coffee grinder, if your coffee maker doesn’t come with one. We’re thinking you’ll be stocking up on your favorite coffee beans, and it helps to get them whole, not ground, to preserve its freshness. Thus, a grinder is imperative.

3. Pick the right coffee

As mentioned above, whole coffee beans is the best option if you’re looking for freshness. The bean oils contain all the taste and flavor of a coffee, and it starts to evaporate once the beans are grounded. If you want a strong coffee flavor, grind your beans a few minutes before brewing them to allow for a bolder and more characteristic flavor. It's important to remember, that if you only stick to one type of coffee you are limiting your experiences. Try out different roasts in your local coffee bar or find new beans from alternative coffee roasters Perth (or elsewhere) to try. This can open up your palate and you may even find a new favorite drink! 

Make sure to store your coffee beans appropriately as well. You can use airtight coffee boxes like the Coffeevac coffee containers to keep them fresh for the perfect brew. that being said, experimenting with various coffee beans and properly storing them is key to unlocking the full potential of this beloved beverage, allowing you to savor its rich flavors and aromas with every sip.

4. Consider the aesthetic

Sure, setting up a coffee bar is as simple as dedicating a corner of your kitchen to your brewer and coffee essentials such as milk, creamer, sugar, and a couple of mugs. You could be done in a matter of hours since that's all there is to it, but not if you care about aesthetic, which you should. 

Let’s make things beautiful! Instead of just putting everything on the table, try to get some utensils that are pretty too. Cute mugs, rustic baskets, bamboo trays, and so on. Try to consider a theme and dress up your small coffee nook according to taste.


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