Friday 7 September 2018

Organization Hacks for Your Fridge!

While the fridge is one of the most used items in the home, it is also often one of the dirtiest. Things like expired food, old condiments or rotting veggies can lead it to not only smell funky but can pose a health hazard as well.

You should give your fridge a deep clean about every quarter. While this might seem daunting, it’s not as difficult as you might think. To clean your fridge effectively you will need to:
  • Empty the fridge entirely: Throw away anything that’s expired and put anything that’s not in a cooler with ice. This will ensure it doesn’t go bad while you’re cleaning the fridge.

  • Wipe down all the surfaces: Inside the fridge wipe down each shelf, soak the drawers in hot, soapy water and clean any stains that may have been left.

  • Reassemble the fridge: After everything is dry, put the fridge back together! You can add a box of baking soda to ensure that all smells are kept at bay.
Once your fridge is all ready, use these fridge organization hacks from Simply Self Storage to make sure everything is in its place. I absolutely love the idea of using a lazy Susan on the upper levels so that nothing gets neglected in the back.

Happy organizing!

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