Sunday 11 November 2018

5 Tips to dressing up a grocery bag

Many people have been using plastic bags to do their shopping but the use of these bags has resulted in pollution to the environment. To avoid spoiling the environment using plastic bags, many people are now using disposable shopping bags. They can be easily recycled and used for several trips to the store.

Grocery bags can be dressed up using various techniques and materials that would make them ideal and strong for carrying items during shopping. With the rise of custom made grocery shopping bags, you can effectively make use of simple DIY techniques to create beautiful and fashionable grocery bags. Below are five tips to dressing up a grocery bag to make it strong and good enough for shopping purposes.

Use canvas or fabrics

There are several ways that canvas can be sewn on grocery bags to make them look more presentable. Using fabrics such as cotton and canvas it is possible to dress up your grocery bag. You can choose the fabrics depending on the colors that you want and style that you feel will be more presentable.

Canvas gives a grocery bag a simple yet beautiful design. The canvas or fabric can either be used for the straps or sewn on the sides of the grocery bag. You can also decide to include a wallet size shaped fold up on the size big enough to fit your wallet or phone in case you would want a more accessible way of getting to them while shopping.

Use a marker

A marker can be used to mark words or draw designs on the grocery bag depending on your preference. If you are a lover of flowers, you can decide to draw a flower on the sides of the bag or write down on it. Written custom made grocery bags with words such as

Print on it

When deciding on printing on a grocery bag, it can either be patterned or any design such as floral designs. Some company brands even have their logos printed on the bags with others including certain messages that make it more pleasant or send a particular message. You can include words like cereals, vegetables or grains.

Crotchet it

Dressing up a grocery bag by crocheting it makes it look more eco-friendly and unique. The crotchet can either be tied and used as the shoulder straps or placed on the sides. When crocheting a bag on the sides it is best to use a stitch marker to outline where you would like to add the crocheted piece. This will give the bag a more defined look.

Knit it

Knitting your grocery bag is another way to gives it a new look. Use a mesh stitch to make it more firm and strong. The stitches can either be big or small, depending on the style that you need.

Reusable grocery bags are sustainable compared to plastic and paper bags. In case you cannot DIY one, you can also buy your reusable bags from companies with extra-crafty and beautifully patterned designs. There are many reusable grocery shopping bags available that are ecological. They also come in different colors, materials, and designs. The bags are not only healthy for the environment, but they are also machine washable and durable to last you for years.

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