Monday 21 January 2019

Tips for Waking Easier this Winter

Is there such a thing as a ‘morning person’? Does the individual who wakes happily, day after day, exactly on the dot, really exist? And then, once they’ve woken so easily, they happily endure the wintry cold weather and are bright and cheery when they get to work? I don’t think there is such a person – it has to be a myth!
Be honest, when you know it’s cold outside and you have to go to work, you really don’t want to get out of your warm, comfortable and cosy bed, so it’s no surprise that you find waking up so hard, especially in the winter when there is no light to help you. So what is the answer?
There are, in fact, ways to help yourself wake up on time – some of them easy and logical, others perhaps surprising – and while not all of them work for every person, we think there must be one that works for you! That’s why we put together a list of the best ways to make waking up in the winter easy.
The Obvious – An Alarm Clock!
Now this is obvious, and you probably already have an alarm clock, but it’s all too easy to press the snooze button and doze off back to sleep! We all do it, and it is tempting every time, but here’s a tip that might help: put your alarm clock on the other side of the room! If it is out of reach, it means you have to get out of bed to switch it off, and once you’re out of bed, you may as well get up! It’s by no means a failsafe idea but it is one that will help, so it might be worth giving it a go as a free option!
Will Yourself to Wake
This one works with some people, but not with others – and there are also those who don’t believe it can work! Some people claim to be able to wake at a time the tell themselves to wake the night before; some do it by chanting repeatedly the time to wake, others by merely thinking it as they go to sleep. It’s curious – and somewhat dubious for many – but for others it does seem to work. It costs nothing, so it’s worth giving it a go!
Get a Wake Up Light
This is one of the best ways to help yourself wake up in the morning in winter. One of the reasons we find it hard to wake in winter is that the morning remains dark. It’s different in summer when the sun rises early and we can allow the light in to help us wake. A Wake Up Light is a device that slowly lights up in the morning – you place it beside your bed – so it gradually begins to reach full light, just as it would in the summer. Not only is this an effective method of waking it’s also a pleasant one, and you will find this best wake up light review to be very useful if you want to try one of these. They are not expensive either, so if it doesn’t work you’ve lost very little.
Don’t Sleep In at Weekends
One of the best ways to ensure you wake early enough for work in the week is to get up at the same time on the weekend. Making your waking time a routine throughout the entire week makes it easier for you to settle into it in the first place, and means you will wake naturally if all goes to plan! Again, this works for some but not for others, but it’s worth a try.
Go to Sleep Earlier
This is perhaps the obvious one, but it’s not always easy to do. It follows that if you sleep a certain amount of hours a night on average, if you go to sleep earlier so you will wake earlier too. The only problem with this method is the getting to sleep in the first place bit, which is not easy for some people to achieve!
For many people, the problem of waking on time is a psychological one; hypnotism has been shown to work for many people, but is something of a last resort for us. If we were asked to recommend the best method of those above, it’s the wake up light, as it simulates a natural sunrise effect, so has to be the most natural way of ensuring you wake up on time. 

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