Saturday 9 February 2019

How to show your partner how much you love them everyday!

Valentine’s Day is coming up really fast and many people think it’s time to buy chocolate, cheesy gifts and flowers. But does spending money on pointless gifts really show your partner how much you love them? We also don’t need just one special holiday to show our love and can do small things everyday to express our love for one another

Valentine’s Day is just a great reminder to take the time to do these things more often. So here are a couple of things to try to add some spice and happiness to your relationship and appreciate what you have.

Take the time to be together physically. Making the time to enjoy each other’s bodies and make the other person feel good is such an important step to a happy relationship. Connecting as a couple can ensure a close and meaningful relationship for years to come and satisfy each other’s physical and mental needs. 

Tell each other how much you love one another. We might say these words when we go to bed or head off to work but does it really mean anything if your just doing it as a routine. Take a minute to express yourself and really tell them how you feel and what about them you appreciate. Sometimes that’s all you need to make your day better.

Stop arguing and fighting over simple things. Life would be so much easier to handle if there were no arguments, disagreements or fighting. Money seems to be one of the biggest factors to fights in marriage. Take the time to understand where the other person is coming from and make decisions together. Money is not going to last forever but you want to have a together forever relationship so let the little things slide and choose happiness. 

Add some spice to the bedroom. By adding a new toy, tasty lube, or book of tantric sex to your routine you could add some much needed adventure to your sexual relationship. Every relationship can benefit from something new and exciting, keep it fun and fresh! The Soraya by Lelo is a great way to hit every spot and have a pleasure filled night! 

Offer to help out or be more available to your loved one. Whether your significant other is home all day slaving for the kids or comes home after a long day of work to make dinner, offer to lend a hand. Take the time to listen to your partners problems and be there as a shoulder to cry on or ear to speak into. Venting our problems can be a great way to relieve stress and having a loved one listen can make you feel a million times better. 

Surprise your lover randomly. Buy your partner their favourite treat, drink or movie. You don’t need a special occasion to be romantic just let them know you care about them by getting them something you know they like. This small but kind gesture can make the nicest gift and uplift anyone’s spirits. Letting your lover know you care doesn’t have to cost a fortune and doesn’t need to be on a special day. Make everyday a special day. 

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