Tuesday 19 March 2019

21 Cooking Oils Cheat Sheet

There are countless cooking oils to choose from beyond the original canola, vegetable, or olive oil. Especially with all the talk surrounding new oils like coconut and avocado. Oils are great for everything from cooking to getting a healthy boost in your diet.

However, between all the oils, you may wonder which is best for what cooking use? Which oil is healthiest? Consider the following factors next time you grab an oil off the shelf.

Be aware of the smoke point or the temperature and oil can reach before it burns. You can find the smoke point labeled on the bottle. Some oils can handle heat up to 500 degrees and are good for deep frying or high heat cooking. Other oils like hemp or flaxseed oil shouldn’t be heated at all and are best for marinades or sauces.

This leads to the next factor, cooking use. What is your intended use and which flavors are you cooking with? Peanut oil offers a nutty flavor that can handle high heat stir-fries, while hemp seed oil is better as a salad dressing.

To help you find the best cooking oil for the job, Kitchen Cabinet Kings put together a cheat sheet that visualizes 21 cooking oils. Organized from high to no heat, it includes cooking use, smoke point, heart health level, and storage. With this robust cheat sheet, you’ll know exactly which oil to grab for that next recipe.

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