Friday 8 March 2019

Budget-Friendly Organization Tips

Do you ever get overwhelmed with all of the stuff that just seems to pile up around your house? Do you feel like you shuffle items from one room to another because you don’t have the storage space you need? It’s not always feasible to simply build an addition or redesign your home, especially if you have a tight budget. However, there are endless ways to organize your home without breaking the bank.

Look for Underused Spaces

Even if you think your house is cram packed with your belongings, you might not be looking at your space with the right perspective. One of the first places that always seems to hold extra storage potential is the garage. If you are worried that installing or creating storage accessories will jeopardize your parking ability, attaching wheels with a heavy duty swivel castercan give you portable access.

Much of the key to using your garage space effectively is by working from the ground up. So many think that floor space is the only square footage that can be used follows the perimeter of the room. Think vertically and you will find so much potential for new storage options! Shelving solutions can be DIY or purchased, but for budget-friendly choices, check out these simple shelving hacks.

Repurpose Existing Items for Better Use

Sometimes the answer to your problems lies right before you. How many times have wondered about the junk or clutter you have collected? Do you ever wonder why you even keep it? Before donating it to a local goodwill or charity store, why not scour the internet for a new use? Not all of the items can be repurposed, but chances are, someone else has had the same struggle and invented a creative solution.

Perhaps your items of clutter don’t match your décor or fit with the flow of your home. Do you constantly find yourself cleaning up stray toys or shuffling old magazines from room to room? While some purging might be necessary, check your house for things that can serve double-duty when it comes to storage. Have a laundry basket or old basket in rough shape? Repurpose it by covering its surface in burlap, twine or rope to give it a chic, country vibe. You get extra space for tossing in those miscellaneous clutter piles without compromising on décor!

Your new storage solutions don’t need to be outrageous. Take a look around and add some creativity and DIY to your clutter problem!

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