Thursday 29 August 2019

3 Things to Consider Before Installing Solar on Your Home

Solar can be a great way to save money for your home. It doesn’t happen overnight, however. There are several steps you need to take before you start saving money at your home. For some people, installing solar might not actually save you money. 

Here are a few steps to take to evaluate whether solar makes sense for your home. 

1. Find the Right Solar Installer

When you start thinking about installing solar, you should consult a few experts (not just one!) to evaluate what financing options you can obtain. For example, some solar installers will provide lease options, or you can pay for all the equipment upfront. 

In addition to evaluating the right solar installer and their financing options, you should understand the installers track record of placing solar. You don’t want to choose the cheapest option because that might end up causing more headache and frustration than anything. If you live in the mid-Atlantic, these are the best solar companies in Maryland to consider in your search.

2. Determine Your Cost of Energy

I believe that you should do this step after speaking with a solar installer. An installer will point you in the right direction for your home, but this gives you an opportunity to fact check their claims. You should know how much electricity a solar panel can produce before making your decision on installing solar. 

By knowing how much electricity you can get from your solar will determine how much you will potentially save or even earn from this investment. In addition, you should know the lifespan of a solar panel as the cash flows will determine how much you can save over the long-term.

3. Review Your Sun Positioning

Surprise! Solar panels rely on the sun. I’m sure you knew that already. However, you should consider if you can even install solar in advance of your decision. You can do that by simply looking on your roof to determine if there is any sun coverage during the daytime. 

If not, you might be completely out of luck of installing solar. That’s okay because you don’t always need solar to make the switch to a more sustainable lifestyle. There are other things you can do to reduce your carbon footprint such as reducing plastic usage, saving food, installing energy efficiency and so much more. 

Will you consider making the switch to solar? Let us know in the comments below. We’d love to hear from you.

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