Thursday 1 August 2019

How To Achieve Financial Freedom As a Single Parent

There are a vast number of parents choosing to go it alone and it can be tough. But don’t ever think that you are somehow less of a parent or person because you are the only one involved. You are and will be whatever you choose to be and there are ways to create a financial success story without struggling forever! Take a look at this financial game plan and tell me you can’t do it:

List your expenses
Figuring out how much you owe and where is the best jumping off point. This will tell you what payments need to made and when and what you can cut back on and reduce. Take cable for instance, it’s not a need it’s a want. You need Internet for sure as you won’t be able to side hustle from home without it. Figure out where all your money is going so you can start cutting back. 

Start meal planning and budgeting
Being able to plan your meals will save you a ton of cash in the long run. Don’t ever think you need to take on the pricey lists that the high earning bloggers post for your family. If your on a tight budget your meal plan can be as simple as pizza on mondays, tacos on tuesdays, soup and sandwich Wednesday, macaroni and cheese on thursdays, stir fry Friday’s, chicken drumsticks on Saturday and leftover sundays. Add some fresh fruit and veg, bread or rice on the side and your good to go. There are lots of healthy lunch and snack options for every budget!

Don’t be afraid to ask for help!
 This is huge especially if your a proud person but if you are having a hard time ask someone to help you. It doesn’t have to be financial help it can be something as simple as babysitting for you while you work overtime or need a break to recharge your batteries. If you don’t have family around look into Facebook groups full of moms in your area looking to make friends and trade babysitting. 

Read inspiring posts and talk to positive people
Reading success stories can really help to motivate you and keep you on track to become financially comfortable. Look into joining groups on Pinterest that have tips tricks and ideas for parents to earn and save more! 

Pay off debt so you have more funds for fun
Being in debt sucks and if it’s all you think about get rid of it! There are a number of ways to tackle your debt but the snowball method is the most popular and rewarding! You pay off the smallest debt first and then begin paying the bigger ones with the funds you save from the smaller debt being diminished. Reward yourself no matter how small for the success you have created! 

Start side hustling to make extra cash.
Whether it’s babysitting, cleaning, writing, or answering surveys. More money will help you pay off more debt or reward yourself and your kids for the progress your making! Back to school season is on its way and your going to want to save any way you can, check out my post here on how you can save big bucks on back to school shopping

Use cheap and free resources whenever you can!
 There are Facebook groups for parents that give things away to parents in need or sometimes trade for stuff they are in need of. If you have to use the food bank while your working your way to freedom don’t be ashamed they are there to help. If you simply need ideas to help you save more check out my wonderful resource pages. There ones for money saving tips and lifestyle and parenting

Always remember how much you love your kids and what your working for. Your kids simply need love, care, and to know your there for them and if your willing to go the extra mile to provide a brighter future that’s fantastic! You do not need to struggle as a single parent you just need to work at what you want and never give up! 

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