Tuesday 13 August 2019

Is FUE Hair Transplant Worth It?

Your hair is your crowning glory but sadly many people experience loss of confidence due to a receding hairline. It can often make an individual more conscious of how he or she looks. Thanks to our modern technology, those who suffer hair loss or hair thinning can bring their hair back.

Have you heard of the FUE hair procedure? This technique has been one of the most popular hair transplant methods these days but some are still wondering, "Is it worth the money?" To be able to answer this important question, you should have a deeper insight into the FUE hair procedure. This article will explain how it works and how much can you save from it.

Follicular Unit Extraction or FUE

Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) is a hair transplant method wherein the doctor extracts the follicular units of hair from the donor area of your head, one by one, and implanting them on the areas where thin hair and baldness are present. 

Before the surgery, the doctor will first apply local anaesthesia to the patient. Then, the hair transplant specialist will use a microneedle, which pierces a tiny incision around the hair follicle before extraction before transplanting the follicular unit grafts into the balding areas of the head. This procedure may take time but it prevents deep scarring as compared to other kinds of hair transplant surgery. No obvious scars are formed even if the patient wants to keep their hair short. That being said, if you're contemplating this choice, you can search online for "Hair Transplant UK" or related terms to discover well-regarded clinics providing this service.

How Much You Spend On Hair Care Products

A lot of hair care products today claim that they can prevent hair from falling. They even say that their hair products can make your hair thicker and give volume to your hair. Those experiencing hair loss may be tempted to buy all of the products that can make these promises possible. People with thinning hair may be encouraged to use hair products continuously before the product will take effect but sadly most of them are not effective at all. Imagine how much money you spent on these hair care products, which are usually expensive. You may consider this when you are meditating about the cost of follicular unit extraction.

Can Oral Pills Stop Hair Loss?

Aside from hair care products, some also opt for medicine that can make hair grow. These medicines are also costly and you can't tell what side effects it will have on you. Though it can help stop hair loss, it still cannot reverse the damage done by thinning hair. But if we talk about hair transplant, you will be surprised to see the youthful you with your hairline back.

Wigs As A Solution To Hair Loss

You may think that wigs are the safest solution, no surgery or no need for med intake. Some wigs are also inexpensive but if you are searching for quality wigs that look like real hair, you have to expect that the price is high, not to mention the cost of the maintenance and replacement in case you need a new one. But if you consider FUE transplants, you will only think of a one-time cost and get the results you want.

Is FUE Transplant Worth It?

The cost of the FUE procedure will be based on how many grafts are required or what technique the specialist used for transplanting the hair. One thing is for sure, the estimated price of this procedure is at a premium but if your happiness and confidence depend on it, reflecting on having a FUE hair transplant is not a bad idea. Just ensure that you visit a reputable hair clinic in bristol or elsewhere, and consult with an experienced surgeon to guarantee that you get the best possible results.

The decision is yours whether you want the surgery or not. What's important is that you feel confident and happy inside and out. If you want to learn about hair restoration, you can call or visit a hair transplant clinic within your area.

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