Sunday 25 August 2019

Make Beautiful Art To Keep or Sell With Chalk Couture

Create stylish and beautiful art pieces with the most simple to use products available! 

Chalk Couture is revolutionizing DIY and home d├ęcor with category-creating products like Chalkology Paste, Chalk Transfers, Couture Ink and exclusive Boards. Whether you want to build a business or simply chalk everything, find everything you need here!

Even if you’re not the most crafty and creative person you can create high quality pieces that you could sell as handmade art. Chalk Couture is for everyone of all ages and is so simple anyone can do it. The amount of different projects you can create is endless and it is so much fun. 

You can create wall hangings, message boards, pillows, shirts, aprons, decorative bottles, and so much more. There are countless colours to match every households design scheme and infinite designs to create for anyone. There is literally zero talent involved in making Chalk Couture products it is so simple a child can master it in no time at all.

I had so much fun testing out my Chalk Couture package I received from my local independent designer Annette Simpson who runs LitBitChalks  You can watch her make tons of different projects and even enter giveaways! She teaches you how to create and it’s all live so as she messes up and makes a mistake you can learn with her on how to fix it! Nothing better then learning with a real person! 

You can also become a Chalk Couture Independent Designer and start a rewarding career in sales and art! If you’re interested in learning more check out my friend Annette’s Facebook page and ask her about becoming a designer. She is so helpful and makes everything so easy, she can answer all your questions and guide you through the process. If you just want to start creating for fun she can help you with that as well! 

Start creating and have fun! 

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