Monday 23 September 2019

Fun and Frugal Fall Crafts for Your Home

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by PSECU, a Pennsylvania-based credit union.

Summer's great and all, but as soon as that first fall breeze rolls in, you start to get excited. Immediately, you dust off your favorite sweaters and pour yourself a pumpkin spice latte. Unfortunately, though, the space surrounding you isn't quite fall-ready — we're here to change that. 

With a bit of creativity on your part, you can transform your home into the fall wonderland you envision. You don't have to break the bank, either. Instead, try any one of these DIY crafts, each one as equally adorable as it is cheap to make. Check them out: 

1. Toilet Paper Pumpkin

Grab an extra double-roll of toilet paper, and you've got the centerpiece of an adorable piece of fall decor. Of course, you're not going to display it as-is — you'll wrap your roll in both batting and fabric to create a puffy little pumpkin. And, if you don't have batting on hand, you can keep things cheap by plumping up your gourd with paper towels or plastic grocery bags. 

2. Burlap and Tin Candle Holders

That fall chili you made probably left you with a few empty tin cans. Instead of recycling them in the traditional sense, reuse them as cute candle holders this fall. You'll only need raffia and a textured fabric such as burlap. Wrap the cans in each material and voila — instant rustic charm. You can fill your holders with candles, of course, or you could arrange fall foliage inside of them, too. 

3. Pine Cone Garland

Here's a great craft with which the whole family can help. Round up your little ones and have them gather pine cones in the yard or at the park. With your natural materials collected, you'll only need to grab twine, wooden beads and a hot glue gun to fashion a gorgeous string of garland. And everyone will be proud to have contributed once they see this whimsy strand hanging in your home. 

4. Mason Jar Teas

Perhaps you have a fall birthday to celebrate. You can whip up a mason jar tea container that looks adorable on any counter. Start by gathering teas in autumnal colors, such as burnt orange, deep red or even tan. Layer them in your jar, just as you would with sand art. Then, tie it all up with a bow — and, to that, attach a loose leaf tea diffuser. The best part about this project is that you can do it year-round with teas that boast the colors of the season. Red-and-green Christmas teas, anyone? 

5. Embroidery Hoop Wreath

Sure, the trees have started changing colors, thus setting a fall scene outside. Still, you want to redecorate your front stoop so that it, too, exudes autumnal vibes. This simple-yet-adorable hoop wreath should do the trick. You'll only need a large embroidery hoop, as well as faux pumpkins, flowers and any other foliage you want to layer onto your wreath. Then, grab a hot glue gun and put it all together. Once it's dry, hang it up and give your front door some serious fall flair. 

6. Pumpkin Vase

Whether we're eating them, drinking them, or decorating with them, we all love pumpkins. As it turns out, you can transform this beloved gourd into a centerpiece for your fall table. You should use a fake one to make crafting simpler — using a real pumpkin would require you to open it and clean out its seeds. Instead, cut the top off a faux gourd and place a block of Styrofoam inside. Then, pop some flowers into the Styrofoambase, which will hold them upright and transform your pumpkin into a cute fall vase. 

7. Fall Acorns

To make your set of fall acorns, you'll need one unusual supply — Easter eggs. Yes, the oval-shaped, candy-colored eggs serve as the base for this project. Of course, you'll start by spray painting them a more neutral color. Then, you'll wrap the tops in twine to make them into acorns, or you can glue pinecone pieces on top. Either way, you'll barely recognize your Easter eggs once you're finished.

8. Wine Cork Pumpkin 

There's no shame in having a large collection of corks piling up next to your wine shelf. In fact, you're in luck if you have a pile of tops leftover from your favorite libation. You can turn your corks into a sweet little pumpkin that would look perfect on display next to your wine collection. So, round up 25 corks and glue them together into a pumpkin form. Then, use green felt and twine to add a bit of detail to the stem. Don't shy away from inviting your friends over to make pumpkins of their own — anddrink a glass of wine as you do. 

Ready for Fall

These eight crafts represent only a handful of the ways you can cheaply and cutely prepare your home's interior for fall. So, grab your hot glue gun and gather up some fall foliage. It's time to get crafty and ready for the season ahead!


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