Wednesday 25 September 2019

Stop buying these disposables: Buy Reusable and save money

Disposables VS. Reusable, Frankly speaking, this comparison shouldn’t at all begin because it is a well-known fact that disposables are one of the major sources of environmental pollution. The plastic bottles, cutlery, and plates, etc. are causing serious risks for ocean, marine life and wildlife. There is a common misconception among people that disposables cost less than reusable. I am describing it as a misconception because at the time of purchasing a disposable item might cost less than its reusable counterpart, but in the long run reusable are more cost-effective and thus save money. So we should ditch disposables in favor of reusable and should literally save our hard-earned bucks. In this article, I would suggest items where users can save money by using reusable. However, first a useful tip for extra saving:

Grab a big day discount:

Grab a discount

Make a list of all reusable items you need to buy and grab saving opportunities of a big e-commerce day sale like cyber Monday. The cyber monday insights tell us that in the USA, the sale amount hit a whopping $7.9 billion. This was due to the huge discounts offered and online coupon codes galore. If you buy all needed reusable on such event you will save even more.

Bottled water:

Water bottle

The water-packed in disposable bottles is quite an expensive option. According to Printwand, For the recommended amount of 8 glass of water in a day, bottled water costs 1800 dollars a year whereas, tap water in a reusable glass for same quantity costs a meager amount of 0.49 dollars. By opting reusable you not only save big but stop killing the environment as well.
You can also use a water purifier the bottle that filters 99.9% of viruses and protozoa and provides you pure clean and healthy water in just $ 59.95(price checked at Amazon on 19-07-2019).

Paper vs cloth towel:

Clothe towel vs paper towel

When it comes to towel cloth is not only a green option but is highly cost-effective as well. One cloth towel on an average costs $1.33 which appears slightly costlier compared to one roll of paper towel that costs $1.33.But that’s start-up cost only. Over time the incremental saving benefits of cloth towel are far ahead than disposable paper towels.

Reusable nappies are worth it:

Reusable nappies are not only more environmentally friendly, but they are more kind to your wallet also. On average babies are potty trained by two and a half (2.5) years and during this period need nearly 4000 nappy changes. The money advice service the UK, an independent organization that helps to improve your finances for free has calculated the cost-saving on reusable cloth nappies. 
Resusable nappies

According to them, the average overall cost for own brand nappies is 1875 lbs. compared to just 4oo lbs. for reusable nappies. Hence you save a whopping 1475 lbs.

Ditch single-use plastic straws for reusable:

The single-use plastic straw is a serious risk to environment and decays in decades. Use either biodegradable and natural bamboo straws that can be reused many times or stainless steel straws which are durable and long-lasting.
Plastic straws

According to Jonathan Zaidman, the head of regional expansion for the Ecology Center, Americans use 500 million plastic straws in one day. Imagine how much plastic is sent to landfills through this massive consumption.
Price-wise also eco-friendly reusable metal straws are more cost-effective than single-use plastic straws’ have checked on Amazon and observed that standard size disposable straws pack cost $6whereas a pack of Eco-friendly reusable stainless steel straw set of 6 cost $5.So what is the fun in spending more and contributing to environmental pollution?

Rechargeable batteries are cost-effective than disposable batteries:

Rechargabalebattrey vs disposablebattrey

Every time your remote or keyboard goes out of juice and you insert another alkaline disposable one, you add to the pollution of our beautiful planet. Switching to a rechargeable power option not only saves your time but money as well. You can buy a pack of 4 Panasonic Eneloop AA rechargeable batteries at almost the same price of 24 alkaline reusable batteries. Since each battery gives you 100 charges you actually have 4000 batteries in the pack. Thus you save a large chunk of money on rechargeable batteries over the lifetime of disposable ones. Isn’t it a deal worth its while?

No more plastic bags-Switch to ZIP Top:

The plastic bags for sandwiches and lunch for your kids might appear as a convenient option but they add enormously to waste and landfills. One alternative option the ZIP top is proving as a game-changer. These reusable baggies are lightweight and durable. They are best for items to be frozen as they lock in food nutrients, flavor and juices.
Zip top

The perfect eco-friendly food and snack as well as store bags are silicone made. The online coupon codes may provide you even more savings. The incremental saving will start after each reuse. The Zip Top is innovative, environmentally friendly and also economical in the long term.

Menstrual Cups –An Eco-friendly replacement of pads and tampons.

Ok ladies. Talking about the menstrual cycle is no more a taboo. And you definitely deserve an environmentally friendly solution because pads are damn polluting. The Dutchess menstrual set of 2, one of the best sellers at Amazon costs $15.99 is less expensive and provide incremental saving when reused.

Wrap Up:

The above list of reusable replacements for disposable is not exhaustive as there are scores of other products available. The issue is of mindset which needs to be changed as being responsible citizens of planet earth we should feel the responsibility to keep it pollution-free. If that task is performed with saving also, there is nothing better.


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