Monday 14 October 2019

Getting a basement finished like a pro

When you first look at the bare concrete walls and exposed plumbing of your basement, you might not see a lot of potential, but contrary to that, there is a lot of potential space that can be utilised in your basement - and not just for storage purposes, but even for living as well, adding a ton of value to your home. If you are looking to make such a finished basement, then this article will help you understand the process and give you insights that can help you succeed in this endeavour.


So here it is - if you are looking to finish your basement like a pro, you will need to insulate the walls, get good flooring installed and add a good ceiling to totally transform this area into a liveable space for you and your family. Before getting started on the finishing project, you will first need to clean out your basement. You can have the family pitch in with you. Get rid of all the junk that is present in the basement, be it old, used boxes or trash cans - all of it goes out. Make sure that the basement floor is clean and stripped down. This is critical to the entire process going smoothly and for you getting the appropriate finish. 


The next step in the finishing process is to check for moisture issues - particularly leaks. This is an important test that needs to be performed - and as an outcome of the test, you will get to know whether you have to leak proof the basement or not. If this test is not properly done, you will not have a finish basements - but a leaky version, and that isn’t good. 

 Once this test is performed, and the leaks have been sealed with some waterproofing mojo from the experts, it is time to get started with the actual remodelling work. 


Make a run to your local hardware depot in Mississauga to get some basic tools that will be need for the remodel. We start off with the insulation install - the simplest way to get this done is to attach polystyrene sheets directly to the walls. Ensure that you cut adequate amounts of foam to the right sizes that will help the sheets sit properly on the walls - and use good amounts of glue to set the polystyrene to the wall properly. 


Once the insulation process is completed, it is time to install a frame and put a drywall all around. This is very important as this will give a proper aesthetic look to the space, as well as keep moisture at bay. Once the dry wall is installed, it is time to focus on the ceiling. False ceilings are a great and budget friendly way to get a good look, whilst covering pipes and other utilities. The next step is to do the flooring - you could get a hard wood floor done or otherwise go for a tough carpeted floor with foam installed underneath, which is both durable and looks great. Once this has been done, the finished space is yours to tweak further.

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