Sunday 20 October 2019

Requirement Of Ducted Cooling Servicing

Everything in this world has a timeline after which it perishes permanently with a trace. Just like that air condition or ACs also has an expiry date after which it will stop functioning. It depends on the quality of the machine, the frequency of its use and methods of handling it. This timeline can be elongated or increased multifold by hiring a reputed ducted cooling service contractor and signing an annual maintenance contract. AC machines can suffer from frequent or rare break down, but with proper routine servicing and maintenance, total breakdowns can be avoided.


About Ducted Air Conditioning 


Ducted air conditioning system is a favourite choice for homeowners that live in expansive homes, especially that have multiple numbers of rooms. The way these air conditioners are installed in the premises and cools all the rooms quickly is exciting. The internal unit of this air conditioning system is found within living space. From the heart of air conditioning unit, a series of ducts passes through each room and cools them quickly. 




The ducted air conditioning system has many advantages. It gives you complete control to cool your entire house or just selected rooms or zones. It also comes with versatile features and helps to reduce your electricity costs.                


Why Servicing Is Required And How It Can Be Done:


• Along with the advantages of the using sophisticated ducted air conditioning system comes the responsibilities of maintaining it in good condition. There will be layers of dust, even in a ducted air conditioning system both internally and externally. During the passage of time other pollutants, dander, flakes of dead skins will get mixed with the dust and   start damaging the vents quickly. Sometimes even rodents enter these ducts during night times and damage the vents in various ways. 


• These layers of dust will make the system a breeding ground of various bacteria and these invisible microbes may spreads into the living rooms quickly. This situation will not come when you hire reputed ducted cooling service professionals.


• The air filters of the ducted air conditioners should be changed regularly. This action will help in keeping the air clean. Thus, regular maintenance is essential and recommended for ducted air conditioners. Some systems are 'do it yourself', others still require a professional to perform a proper ducted cooling service. Even an annual maintenance check by expertise technicians is essential. It is also crucial to check the air ducts regularly for vital signs to understand if they need a cleaning. 


• The air ducts are the areas other than air filters which need proper routine maintenance. Usually, a bi-annual servicing is good enough to keep the vents clean. To understand if the vents need cleaning you must inspect the vent thoroughly, quality of air being expelled and even dusts blowing out form the unit.


• Inspect the vents regularly, and if the vents are dirty, they need proper ducted cooling service. To clean it, you need to turn off the air conditioning unit before taking the next step of cleaning. Then you should use the brush attachment that is distributed along with the vacuum cleaner, for cleaning debris and dirt. 


Proper ducted cooling service is essential. Nobody likes to breathe dirty air since it may harm the people that are suffering from breathing problems. The dirty vents aren't just unhealthy but costly too. The dirty vents can harm the air conditioner and lead to malfunction or even complete breakdown. This breakdown will prevent the ducted air conditioner from working efficiently.




Ducted air conditioning systems which was considered previously as luxury item is becoming a household name. The air conditioners are used all year round for heating and cooling and thus needs proper ducted cooling service sometimes by professionals to keep them in good condition. This servicing will help in preventing potential issues before it turns bigger.


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