Wednesday 30 October 2019

The Reports Are In: The Couples Who Snuggle Often Tend to Have a More Fulfilling and Healthier Relationship


There are actually quite a few health benefits attached to hugging and squeezing someone you care about, especially if you do it on a regular basis.


Hugging is a physical interaction that seems to sometimes say a whole lot more than words can and if you like the idea of snuggling up to your partner the good news is that you will most likely be doing your emotional and physical wellbeing a power of good.


We are hardwired to enjoy a hug


Your sensitivity to touch is something that you actually develop in the womb and it is no coincidence that babies love being held and cuddled as it the first sense that we develop.


Psychologists appreciate the importance of this natural leaning towards physical contact in this way and if you are a couple who love to snuggle up to each other you are only doing what comes naturally to you and you will be reaping the reward that cuddling delivers in terms of your emotional wellbeing.


If you want to get together for a snuggle and just chat about how your day has been with each other you might want to look at oversized bean bags here which could be just right for spending some quality time together in each others arms.


Sideline the stress


The act of hugging and snuggling up to your partner has the ability to lower your cortisol levels, which is a stress hormone.


Stress is far too prevalent in our lives these days and snuggling is the perfect antidote as it has the impact of lowering your cortisol levels and reducing your level of stress.


If you are less stress you are going to be happier and that can only be a good thing for your relationship.

 A great way to strengthen your relationship


The secret to a great relationship has probably got a lot to do with being able to achieve a good emotional and physical connection with your partner.


With that in mind, it is worth knowing that when you snuggle up to your partner and enjoy a nice cuddle you will be experiencing a positive physiological response by boosting your oxytocins levels.


Cuddling is an excellent activity for helping to encourage a natural release of oxytocins in your brain and the effect of this response is a strong feeling that your bond with your partner is getting stronger.


If that wasn’t a good enough reason for having regular snuggles with your partner there is also the fact that an increased level of oxytocin has the capacity to improve your heart health too.


Hug it out


There are bound to be a few disagreements and upsets in any relationship but the sign of a strong relationship is how successfully you deal with these brief moments of tension.


You will be amazed at how powerful and healing a simple hug can be and when you are in each others arms there is a much higher chance that you will soon want to kiss and make up.


Who knew that snuggling could be so good for the strength of your relationship with your partner?



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