Friday 22 November 2019

Sewer Is The Key For Safer Earth

Having sewers is important to keep the earth clean and maintain hygiene. They are needed to keep humans safe from diseases. It collects the wastewater from all the sources connected to it and then takes it to the point of treatment or disposal. The wastewater it carries can be domestic or industrial or storm runoff, or a combination of the three. It is always advised to get the sewer designed from sewer contractors because they are experts and very well known for their working.


There are 3 types of sewerage systems that help to keep the environment safe:


1. Separate System - Separate systems can be of 2 types- domestic or sanitary sewage and industrial sewage. One can also be created to carry the storm water. While the water from the first 2 types of sewages is directly taken for treatment, the storm water is discharged straight into a natural stream or river without going through any treatment.


The advantage of having these sewers is that the amount of sewage that is to be treated is small. Due to that, treatment work of smaller size is required, and the treatment units will have to face lesser load. And when it comes to the storm water, because it is less polluted it is directly released in the natural stream or river.


But there are a few disadvantages as well of these sewers. It is difficult to clean such sewers because of their small size and, they are likely to get choked from time to time. They can be costly because the system requires two sets of sewers to deal witwastewater. Only experienced sewer contractors can design it properly to fulfill the needs of a safe environment.


2. Combined System - Unlike the separate system, this system is having a single set of sewers to carry domestic or sanitary sewage and industrial sewage along with the storm water. So, in this system, even the stormwater goes for treatment before the final disposal.


As there is only a single set of sewers, the cost of maintenance remains low as compared to the separate system. And, as the size of the systems is large the chances of getting choked also reduces and it becomes easy to clean it.


Though it is beneficial, it is having a few drawbacks as well. The construction cost of these sewers will be high because of their large size. As the size of these sewers is large, sometimes it becomes difficult to transport the wastewater. Also, due to be a combined system it unnecessarily pollutes the storm water.



Make sure you have selected the right sewer contractors for its construction keeping the needs in mind.


3. Partially Separate System - In this sewer system, the domestic or sanitary sewage, industrial sewage, and the storm water (drained from back yards and roofs of houses) are sent in the same set of sewers. Whereas the storm water drained from the house fronts, streets and roads are collected and transported in a separate set of open drains.


The wastewater from the first set goes for treatment while the water from the second set is released straight in the natural streams or rivers. So, it is having the benefits of both, separate and combined systems. Also, as the size of sewers is reasonable the cleaning process becomes a bit easy.

The only drawback this system has is that the storm water in sewers can increase the load on pumping and treatment units. So, it must be constructed by skilled sewer contractors.


To look for the best sewer contractors, you need to search online about its reviews, services, and the cost and then approach the right one for an effective and safe sewer.

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