Wednesday 11 December 2019

Property tycoons' top business tips

Any frugal homeowner has definitely been in this position before. Sound familiar?

You realize that something in your home needs repairs, or perhaps you’ve finally decided to take on that home renovation project you’ve been dreaming about. You start to look up contractor services: plumbing, electrical, flooring...the list goes on. Wait, is a handyman different than a general contractor? Why is this one so much cheaper than that one? Maybe I can DIY this? Would I mess it up and end up paying more to fix it than if I’d just hired out?

And finally, the ultimate question: why is this so darn complicated?

We’ve all been there: the endlessly confusing cycle of trying to figure out how to save costs on home projects that seem to grow more and more complicated the more you try to simplify them. If you’re thinking of getting started on a home project, take a look at this study from home service software company Housecall Pro, which breaks down which types of projects go over budget most often, and by how much.

The most frequent offenders were moving jobs, flooring projects, and water heater repairs. Of those that went over budget, the three that went over by the highest amount were HVAC, flooring, and general contractor projects. (So if you’re thinking of doing your floors, that might be an especially good one to consider DIYing!)

The rest of the study also details which types of projects finish under budget the most. (It’s good news for those of you hiring handymen!)

Hopefully, these numbers will offer at least a little peace of mind to those of you taking on any end-of-year or 2020 resolution projects!

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