Tuesday 24 December 2019

What Is The Need For An Eye Test?

There are several benefits of eye exams, even if you think that your vision is perfect and not blurry. An occasional eye test helps you to track any changes in your visiondiagnose any eye problems in timeand fix them before they cause any irreparable damage to the eyes. 


Here are five reasons why you should at least go for an annual eye exam to maintain your eye health and vision


Myopia Is Becoming An Epidemic


The number of children who are developing nearsightedness or Myopia is increasing day by day. It is common to see small kids wearing eyeglasses, as they have problem in seeing distant or close things. This is a big concern, because children who get this at an early stage always suffer later. Nearsightedness can turn into something seriousness while you remain completely unaware. The child might develop serious problems like glaucoma, cataracts and retinal detachment if their eye problem is left untreated



Therefore, taking an appointment for an eye test is important to know if your child is suffering from anything like myopia or any other eye problem. This will help you to take early measures for your child to protect him or her from the future serious problems. 


Eye Check-ups Help Your Child To Succeed


Around 80% of what the child learns requires good vision. This is proven and the statistics are true. This should go upward because of the increased amount of screen time that the children are always exposed to these days. An annual eye test will help to ensure that the child has no problem in seeing in the classroom, other educational areas or in any extracurricular activities like sports, etc.



There Is No Substitute For Eye Exam


Very often the parents think that their child is seeing things perfectly because they pass the screening test in school. In adults too, these things are common as they think that they have no issues in vision if they pass any driving test easily. But these assumptions are not at all correct always. 


Visual screening is done for people to detect whether they have serious visual problems or not. Screening can also detect some specific visual problems such as problem in seeing the blackboard or problem in the identification of signboards or objects from behind the wheel. Only a serious eye test by a doctor can help you detect that you don’t have any visual problem and that there are no chances of anything serious in future which doesn’t have any early symptoms, including eye cancer and glaucoma. 


The Early Identification Of Glaucoma Is Important 

 Glaucoma is one of the most dangerous eye diseases that can develop in people’s eyesIt can be detrimental, as you don’t see any early symptom in this condition that can warn you about this impending danger. People who generally fail to detect this at an early age will get to know this only after they have lost their vision permanently. By this time, it will be difficult to stop glaucoma from additional vision loss. There is no way to cure glaucoma other than surgery. This is the only way to save a person from turning completely blind. That is why, it is extremely necessary to get an eye test done frequently to identify this condition in its early stage itself. 


It Helps You To Detect Other Problems Also


Hardly do people know that through regular eye testone can even know other serious problems developing in their body, like cholesterol, diabetes, blood pressure, etc. Therefore, regular eye checkup is really very important not only for your eye health, but for your overall health as well


Even if you believe that you have perfect vision, still you should get a regular eye test at frequent intervals of time. A simple eye exam can turn up into something serious and can help you to detect serious problems that may develop in future.


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