Saturday 18 January 2020

Adorable Daycare Child Birthday Gift For Under $10

As a daycare owner I capture some of the greatest photos of my clients children. Parents appreciate seeing what their babies are up to while they are hard at work. So how can you create the most adorable birthday gift for both parents and children to enjoy?

Take those photos and put them in a cute frame with a couple of their favourite things. This particular little girl loves butterflies so I added a couple butterfly cutouts and a paintable butterfly frame all from the Dollar Tree. 

The photos were the most expensive part of the gift. I paid $5 to have them printed out at Walmart. The two frames and butterflies were $1.25 each at Dollar Tree. Making this entire gift cost under $10.00 and brought tears to my clients eyes. 

The last thing parents want is more junk toys in their homes creating clutter and chaos. Give them a gift they will treasure forever! 

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