Wednesday 29 January 2020

Preparing Kids For A Move

Moving is stressful, but moving with kids adds an undeniable layer of stress and difficult choices. It’s important for your children’s well-being that you take the proper steps to announce the move and ease their potential anxieties throughout the moving process. 

While children of all ages can be affected by moving, the older your child is, the more rooted their relationships are. This is why teens may take moving the hardest. The thought of leaving school, sports and extra-curricular activities and all the friends that come with them can be very daunting. 

During this time of heightened emotion try to be more in tune with how your child is feeling. If they are excited about the move it will make the process a lot easier. Below are tips on communicating with your kids about the move.

Plan the Conversation Ahead of Time

  • Speak to your partner ahead of time to hash out the details.

  • It’s imperative to not point any blame at your partner.

  • Prepare the “where, when and why” of the move

Create an Open Forum

  • Once you’ve announced the move to your kids, let them express themselves.

  • Tell them that you love them and them, reaffirm that family is the priority.

  • Provide them with reassurance but be realistic about the move.

Keep Tabs

  • Check-in with your child throughout the moving process to see how they feel.

  • You know your child best, give them what they need whether that’s space or a hug.

  • Get them an appointment with a mental health professional if needed.

See some additional tips below from ForSaleByOwner about how to make moving with children go smoothly.

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