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Consider this scenario when you buy dresses. You are on your way to somewhere or you are out shopping and pass a store that has a killer dress displayed in the window. The first thing that crosses your mind is that the dress is specifically made for you. That’s how much you like it. You immediately start planning when you wear it, what you will wear it with, the accessories that you will match with it and everything else. You walk into the store and ask to try the dress on. When the nice lady brings you the dress, you immediately head to the trial room so you can put it on and look at yourself from every angle. But when you put it on, you get the shock of your life. The dress doesn’t look good on you at all. In fact, it’s awful.
Even when you shop online like most of us now do, you face the same problem. For example, if you visit a clothing website like realisation clothing and you see the perfect dress for your friend’s wedding or for any other event that you have to go to. You check out the pictures and the model look heavenly in that dress. You just can’t wait to look like that. But when the dress arrives and you try it on, you have the same problem that we shared above.
If you’ve ever had that kind of experience then you are one of many of us. A lot of us want to wear different dresses but can’t because it doesn’t fit us properly. The reason being we don’t know what our body type is.

Types of Body Type

Basically, your body silhouette is what your body type is. There are various types of bodies. Some of the main body types are:
        Inverted triangle

How to Measure Your Body?


Measuring your shoulders is one of the most difficult tasks that you have. You have to make sure that you hover the tape while ensuring that it keeps intact. Asking for someone to help is a good idea. Ask them to start at the tip of one shoulder and take a measuring tape around your neck to the other shoulder and end at the tip. Make sure to keep the measuring tape as close to the shoulders as you can to get the perfect measurement.


When you are measuring your bust, you have to ensure that you are measuring the fullest part of it. Start at the fullest point and then wrap the measuring tape around you to bring it back and end where you started. It should come under your shoulders. This will give you your bust size. Keep the tape firm but make sure that it doesn’t squish your breasts.


A lot of women slouch their stomach or pull it in when they are measuring their waist. Instead of doing that you should stand straight and keep your stomach in a normal position. Start at the top of your belly button and wrap the measuring tape around to bring it back to the starting point. If you normally wear your clothes below your belly button then you have to take that measurement too.


Just like we did it when measuring the bust, you have to measure at the fullest part of your hips. This will give you the best measurements. Start from one side of the hip and wound it around to bring it back to the starting point. Make sure that the measuring tape is level throughout the process. If you can’t ensure it, stand in front of a mirror.

Why is measuring your Body Important?

We now know that the outline of our structure is called our body type. If we want our clothes to fit perfectly and match accordingly to our style then we need to understand what our body type is and what kind of clothes will go best with that type. This will ensure that the dresses that we buy are proportionate and they look good on our bodies and enhance our style as well as our silhouette. It doesn’t matter if you are short, tall, curvy, slender, or anything else. What matters is that you select clothes according to your body type.

What Is an Apple Body Shape?

After doing your measurements, if you find out that your upper body is heavier than your lower body then you fall under the category of apple body shape. People who fall under the apple body shape category usually have broad shoulders and a bigger bust line. That is one of the reasons why you might feel that all the weight accumulates around your midriff.
When you are selecting a dress for yourself, make sure that you choose something that takes the attention away from the midriff. Since your upper body is bulkier than the lower body, you need to highlight your strengths.
What are your strengths?
First of all, you need to flaunt those slender legs of yours. You can also choose a dress that has a deep V neckline. This will give the illusion of an elongated torso. Go for empire cuts as well as A-lines. Another way to go can be printed dresses and patterned jackets that can help to divert the attention from your midriff.

What Is An Hourglass Body Shape?

An hourglass figure is the most balanced and proportionate body type. The top and bottom parts of the body are well proportioned and the waistline is well-defined. Women who have this body type can flaunt it if they wear the right dresses.
What are the right dresses for you?
Dresses that follow the outline of your curves and sit well. You can also go for dresses that cinch at the waist. If you want to flaunt your upper body then go for a V or a plunging V as well as sweetheart necklines. To flaunt your waist, opt for a belt. Whether it is at your waistline or a little below it, it doesn’t matter. You will look good either way.

What Is A Pear Body Shape?

As opposed to the apple-shaped body, the pear-shaped body has it all in the lower part of the body. Your butt and your thighs are bigger than the upper part of your body. If you have a pear-shaped body, then you really need to thank Kim K and others like her as they have really brought this body type to the front and it is all the rage nowadays. Strike the perfect balance and you can easily create the hourglass figure illusion. This can be done with skinny jeans and a loose top, crop tops, sweetheart or boat necks.

What Is A Rectangle Body Shape?

The rectangle body shape is (don’t mind the pun) fairly straightforward. It is well balanced but doesn’t have too much of a defined silhouette. If you have a rectangle body shape then you need to focus on your arms and your legs. They are your assets and you need to enhance them. Go for A-line skirts or ruffled and layered tops. You need to wear dresses that add to your bottom and necklines that add to your upper body.

What Is An Inverted Triangle Body Shape?

This is the most athletic looking shape out there. If you have an inverted triangle body shape, your shoulders are broad and bigger than your hips. You need to work on your arms and your shoulders. Wear dresses that add definition to your hips and create a nice balance between your broad shoulders and your lower body. Wear straight cut jeans and dresses that have an inverted V look.
You can also rock a pencil cut skirt or skinny jeans. Just make sure that you don’t add layers to your top as that part is already covered.


The best way to make sure that you choose clothes that fit and look good on you is to be self-aware. This will ensure that you never buy dresses that make you look disproportionate or out of shape.

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