Monday 3 February 2020

How to Avoid The Most Common Plumbing Problems

Regular maintenance of the pipes prevents problems such as jams, leaks, and breakage. The first thing is to make sure to clean regularly and avoid throwing debris or objects that eventually cause an obstruction.
Hydro jetting a sewer line is much more effective than snaking, which just pokes holes in the clog. Hydro jetting just doesn't get rid of clogs; it also thoroughly cleans the pipe's walls. After hydro jetting, the inside of the pipe is basically like new. There's no residue left behind, and the pipe's walls are smooth.
The pipes are usually one of the most forgotten places in the home at the time of general cleaning. And yet, it is one of the ones that can generate more problems. Plumbing in poor conditions is capable of damaging structures if there is a leak that is not detected in time. We bring you the rules given by plumber northern beaches to avoid plumbing problems in your home.
Breaks are inconveniences that generate discomfort and cost a lot of money. Therefore it is better to prevent them before they occur, giving them the care they need. Make sure you're using the correct tools because you don't want to open up a pipe and have water going everywhere. But stopping to clean pipes also brings other problems that you may have experienced at some point so try to avoid pipe jams.
The remains of food, toilet paper, hair fibers, and other waste accumulate in the pipes and gradually clog them. Contrary to what many people think, water does not get rid of all the waste that falls into the drain.
Bad odors
When the waste accumulates in the pipes, unpleasant odors are produced that will not disappear until the origin of the problem is eliminated.
Appearance of insects
The remains of food and organic waste cause the appearance of cockroaches and other insects.
Stains are also frequent problems and it is often necessary to resort to a professional to remove them, as well as stop leaks in the pipes.
Rules to avoid plumbing problems
Preventive maintenance of the mains network of your home can avoid major inconvenience. Anticipating any problem is better than having to repair later because it can cost you a lot of money.
Here are some steps you should take to avoid these inconveniences:
1. Locate the main shutoff valve
Knowing where the main water shutoff valve is located will allow any inconvenience to become a major problem. If plumbing failures such as the rupture of a pipe or leakage in a tap occur, the first thing to do is close the valve. This will prevent water from causing major damage.
After closing the water passage, call the plumber in Madrid. Hiring a professional is the best alternative to repair any damage that occurs.
2. Remove obstructions
If you do not know where the obstruction originates, locate the connection of your home to the general drain. If the rest of the drains seem not to be clogged, but the water does not run the solution may be there.
Open the lid and remove all debris that is there. Then pour boiling water for deeper cleaning.
Remember that the plumbing is not only inside the house, so you should also check outside it. The leaves of the trees and even the roots can reach it, causing damage not only in your home but in that of your neighbors. Therefore, do maintenance of pipes that includes the outside is not over.
3. Do not throw food scraps in the sink
Get in the habit of throwing all food scraps in the trash before placing the dishes in the sink. The same when cutting vegetables or handling any food, do not let the waste get there.
Although it has a strainer filter it is possible that some remains are passed and accumulate in the pipe. Over time it will cause it to clog completely, also generating bad odors.
Also, avoid throwing oils and fats that not only damage the environment but solidify and also obstruct the network.
Throwing boiling water once a week through the sink will help prevent blockages. If you notice that there are bad odors, use baking soda and vinegar before hot water.
4. Do not litter the toilet
Toilets are made to withstand only a certain amount of waste. Throwing large rolls of toilet paper, sanitary napkins, cotton, diapers, or other waste will cause it to get stuck.
If an object falls, remove it with a clamp or put on gloves to reach it with your hand. Never pull the chain to leave, because it will end up stuck in some part of the pipe and then it will be harder to locate. When this occurs it may be necessary to break the walls to solve the problem.
5. Avoid hanging heavy objects from the shower
Many times we hang bathroom accessories directly on the shower and there you put the shampoo, soap, etc. This custom generates an extra weight on the pipe that is not prepared for it. Consequently,  it can break and generate leaks inside the walls.
6. Clean the shower regularly
Hair fibers and other waste are a big problem in showers. One solution is to place a filter in the drain, but sometimes this is not enough to prevent the hair from straining into the pipes.
The solution is to remove debris that accumulates in the filter frequently, at least once a week. You can also use a metal guide to eliminate any obstruction that occurs.
Some tips to save you from plumbing problems:
  1. Spare parts are very important when buying new showers or sanitary equipment so you can administer repairs yourselves.
  2. Install a water filter if you get hard water in your house.
  3. Using a plunger is completely useless in a jammed drain.
  4. Always drain excess water when you use a manual plunger in a clogged bathtub.
  5. A standard showerhead should always be sealed to pipe threads with Teflon tape. Most of the pieces it comes with are always unnecessary.
  6. Never use silicone to seal a drain. Use plumbers putty instead.
  7. No matter what the size of the showerhead is, if the pipes are not proper, you will not get the desired fast flow.
  8. Some brands have a lifetime warranty on their parts regardless of time or if you were the buyer of the product.
  9. Chemical cleaners should be the last resort to turn to. Products such as a gel plunger can leave permanent damage. Better always use a manual plunger in a drain.
As a general rule, home maintenance problems usually arise at the least indicated time, during the weekend, a holiday or any day during the night. And it is not that it is a plot of destiny but we don’t give the plumbing the attention it requires. There are times when cheap ends up being expensive. Many of the plumbing problems can be solved more easily and economically if the inexperienced owners did not try to save money. The plumbers are here to help.


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