Thursday 5 March 2020

Cool and Unique Gift Ideas To Help You Bond with Your Teenager

When your child becomes a teenager, it can feel like you've fallen out of touch. They have their own interests, raging hormones, and are working to find their footing as they transition into adulthood. For parents, it can be hard to find common ground.

The best way to give your teen a gift that will help you bond with them is by prioritizing experiences over things. Here are some cool and unique gift ideas to help you bond with your teenager and get back on the same page.

A Fun Photo Session

Book a unique photo session for the two of you that not only captures the memories you make together but will become a new memorable experience as well. Use this opportunity to explore your teen's interest. 

Here are some fun and fabulous photo session ideas:

  • Horror photoshoot - look for a photographer who does Halloween-style photos and don your favorite horror movie monster attire. 

  • Glitter photoshoot - for teens who like to go glam, a glitter photoshoot provides a beautiful setting for Instagram-worthy pictures. 

  • Hero photoshoot - Dress up as your favorite superheroes or make up your own. This is a fun opportunity for the whole family.

  • Vintage photoshoot - dress up in pin-up inspired attire for a classic, retro feel. For a fun twist, do a 1980s-inspired glam shot session that includes the terrible photo editing that was so popular at that time.

  • Pet photoshoot - treat your teen to a photoshoot with your family pet, then have it commissioned into a work of art. You can take advantage of the special for a one-of-a-kind gift.

These fun photoshoots are a great way to bond and memorialize your time together. Get creative and make a day of it.

A Shared Game

Family game nights are making a comeback. Not only are they an affordable way to entertain the family, but they create an opportunity for bonding.

Invest in a game you and your teen can play together. Introduce them to a classic quest game, like Dungeons & Dragons. For everything you need to get started, check this site:

Play competitive games and make deals based on who wins and who loses. For example, if your teen loses, maybe they have to clean the kitchen after dinner. If you lose, they get to choose what you make for supper tomorrow.

Concert or Event Tickets

While the idea of spending time listening to your teen's music on full blast might be daunting, concert tickets are a surefire way to get some bonding time. Take them to see one of their favorite bands live and bask in the gratitude.

Not all teens will be interested in a concert. Find out what your child loves, be it theater or a sporting event. Keep an open mind and have fun.

Shared Classes

Learning together is a great way to develop useful skills while bonding. Sign up for a class that will teach you new skills, such as specialized cooking experiences, language classes, or art lessons. Take your teen's lead and explore their interests with them.

As an alternative to traditional skills-building classes, sign up for shared exercise classes. This is a great way to get healthy and suffer together in solidarity for a fantastic bonding experience with numerous benefits. 

A Virtual Scavenger Hunt

A virtual scavenger is a fun way to be a tourist in your own town. This modern-day twist on a classic activity uses GPS and augmented reality to lead participants to find clues around a local city. It incorporates learning about some of the statues and historical landmarks in a fun way. 

Services like LetsRoam even assign individual roles to each person, giving them different tasks to unlock special clues. They also offer special event options for holidays, like Christmas or Halloween.

While the virtual scavenger hunt is a fun one-time gift, it's similar to a hobby that can become a regular occurrence if you enjoy this type of experience: geocaching. Getting into geocaching together can create a long-term bonding experience while encouraging physical activity. 

When it comes to bonding with your teen, you need to meet them where they're at. Show interest in their hobbies and passions, while respecting the boundaries they put in place. While it may not seem like these gifts are appreciated to the fullest now, they will create lasting memories that endure long after this phase has passed.

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