Friday 13 March 2020


When it comes to giving your house a transformation, imagination can be just as powerful as a big budget. Besides you and we both know that you have enough stuff and accessories accumulated to open a shop if you wish to. You do not always need to buy new stuff to give your house a much-needed renovation. If you are smart, you will quickly realize that buying additional items will contribute to clutter, so it is best to make use of what you have. According to home design expert Lauri Ward “All existing visual chaos is distracting and stressful.”
Your kitchen is not just a place for cooking or eating; it is where the action takes place. The kitchen serves as a representation of our whole house. Before making any significant changes to your kitchen, consider your way of living first. A functional kitchen can significantly affect the mood of the owner. With a little touch of creative genius, you can transform your kitchen without breaking the bank.
So, if your kitchen space is suffering from excessive clutter or items that you feel are just taking up space, here are some beautiful ideas that will give those items a new purpose. You will be surprised to know how easily you can renovate your bubba blue cutlery and utensils into something extraordinary. If you are planning to throw those unnecessary items that you think are not useful, read this article, so you do not have any regrets later down the road.

1.       A DIY Fruit Bowl

Having trouble finding purpose for those unnecessary cutlery items? Then try making a unique fruit bowl out of them. Not only will it increase your fruit storage capacity but also serve as a centerpiece for your kitchen. You just need to get hold of some super glue, old forks and spoons, and a set of pliers for twisting and turning them into the desired shape. The holes in the end product for airflow purposes will ensure the fruits stay fresh for extended periods.

2.      A Plate Cake Stand

Yes, you heard us right, you can design a customized plate cake stand. All you need is that extra wine glass or anything that even remotely assembles to a goblet and an aesthetic vintage plate. Glue them together, and you have a cake stand that oozes class. More often than not, most glass pieces in a set get shattered, and you cannot find that last glass any useful. Instead of throwing that previous piece, try preserving it in style. You can use this DIY cake stand to showcase your baked masterpiece or other goods that you enjoy creating.

3.      Customized Lamp

You can create a DIY lamp by transforming your old kitchen colander into a classy lamp shade. For instance, you can create lamps out of many kitchen utensils such as jars, salad bowls, etc. It is relatively simple to make too. You will need access to some drilling equipment for drilling holes in the colander and a holder for hanging the lamp. You might need an electrician for the wiring part if you do not have any experience.

4.      Chandelier Made Of Vintage Wine Bottles

This one of those projects that will look stunning and breathtaking if done right. So, do not throw those excess wine bottles in the trash. All you need is access to some cutting tools, as you will need to cut those bottles. Be wary of those sharp edges, though. You will also be needing some wires and other basic electric stuff.

5.      Cheese Grater Pencil Holder

The old rusty cheese grater that you consider clutter can be an attractive pencil holder without much of a hassle. You do not even need external equipment for this, and you can get yourself an inexpensive vintage pencil holder that used for clinging to any wall. It also serves a classic decoration piece. So, think twice before throwing your old rusty cheese grater.

6.      ‘Bowl’ Holders

Do not throw that old bowl lid into the garbage bin. Repurposed and transformed it into a multi-purpose holder. Not only will this serve as a beautiful decoration piece, but also for storing or hanging many small items. It will also give your kitchen that classy look.

7.      A Grill Flowerbed

Your old rusty grill can also be used as a flower to give your kitchen an elegant look. We can use them to plant some flowers. To make it look even more unique, try planting herbs in it.

8.      Fork Hooks

Running low on conventional hooks? You do not need to worry anymore if you have some extra forks lying around. Just take those forks and bend them using a hammer or pliers into your required or desired shape. These unusually designed fork hooks will surely give your stunning kitchen aesthetics. Use a drilling machine to drill a hole for the screw.

9.      Funnel Candle Holders

Funnels are not the most eye-pleasing accessory, but with a little touch of creativity, they can give your kitchen a sleek look. If you have a vintage funnel holder that you planned to get rid of, you can use that as a candle holder. It will give your kitchen that old school farmhouse touch. All you need to do is turn that funnel upside down and fix a candle in the opening. It does not get much simpler than this, and you can go the extra mile and add burlap to give your kitchen that farmhouse feels.

10.     A Pot Lid Clock

Turn your old pot lid into an elegant kitchen clock. If you were planning on getting a kitchen clock, then look no further. An extra cooking lid will do the job for you. You just need to clean it up and add a clock kit that fits. You do not even need a new clock kit and just reuse the mechanism of an old clock that is not in use anymore. The entire project is much cheaper and elegant than buying a new watch.


When it comes to innovation and creativity, the sky is the limit. If you invest just a little amount of time on research, you can decorate your kitchen without spending a dime. You do not need to worry about doing everything at once. Remember slow and steady wins the race, and decorating is not about spending a lot of money but about how you can inspire those items.

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