Saturday 18 April 2020

How To Make A Memory Box/Shadow Box

Shadow boxes make some of the most beautiful ways to save and display your memories! You can create them in a number of different ways with some very cool products that you can find on Amazon and your local dollar stores. 

To create this simple memory box for movie stubs, ticket stubs, special notes, passes, and wristbands all you need is dollar store stickers and one of these beautiful shadow boxes! 

To make the box you simply take the backing off, take the smaller box frame out, take the clear plastic piece away from the glass.

Decorate your clear plastic backing with stickers or photos.

Replace the glass and the smaller box insert then place the plastic backing on before placing the wooden backing in and securing. 

You have the option to decorate the front glass and wooden frame, use your imagination and have fun with it! 

Now you can start popping ticket stubs, wristbands, photos and more in your awesome new memory box! 

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