Tuesday 7 April 2020

How to pick jewellery for different occasions

What do you think you need to stand out? Do you want a cherry on top or a little extra oomph to spice things up? I know how difficult a task it is to choose the right product for the right occasion. Since the fashion industry is growing rapidly, we have a wide variety to choose from; sometimes it confuses you. Fear not; you are not the only one.  To your already star-studded appearance, what needs to be added to enhance it? Are you guessing? 

Yup, you guessed it right. Jewellery!

Jewellery has been part of our fashion industry since forever. There are so many styles and ways to carry it to accentuate whatever you are wearing. You need to know how a perfect piece can highlight your outlook on any particular occasion and make it statement worthy. You are going to get all your answers right here on what to choose and when. Here are some ideas on what jewellery to wear, and when that will compliment your overall look for any event.

Everyday/Casual wear:

Marriage bands are the simplest example of your daily wear. If you are moving around and doing errands, you don’t need a lot of pieces to wear. You can easily elevate your outfit with a few metal bangles.  Some simple pendant or anklets, they can also be a part of your everyday look. Of course, the gold or silver pendant would add more class to your outfit. You can also wear tiny earrings or studs.

For a personal touch, you can always wear your birthstone pendants or rings. Timepieces are also considered as a part of your daily wear. They are simple but effective, and always add more grace to your outfit.

Hanging out with friends:

If you want to go out with your friends, want to be carefree, need to relax and be your self. Then, you can always use a bold colour and wear cool statement jewellery, which reflects your personality. You can add stacks of rings on your finger, wear bracelets along with one or two bangles depending on your style. You can also add some dangly earrings to the mix, and you are good to go.

Bohemian jewellery can also be easily worn on such occasions as it is fun, playful, and unique in its manner. It has neutral tones blend in with a pop of colour. Such style of jewellery keeps coming back in the fashion industry and is a perfect accessory to wear on a hangout with friends.

Weekend parties:

Parties are of different kinds. Each event depending on its genre, demands specific attire. You can’t go too flashy on a weekend party with friends or family members. So, if it is a friend’s party on a Friday night, it is going to be a casual gathering so you can be all yourself. You can wear whatever you feel like wearing, add a personal touch, and wear what suits your personality the best. You can wear fancy bling or chunky bangles for all that matters.  You can also wear dangly earrings or studs with a simmer of shine. Just keep in mind that you do not wear too much that it steals the show from you.

Evening affairs:
Now, we have evening affairs, such as cocktail parties and dinners where you want to stand out and make a statement. In that case, it is time to bring out your best piece and statement jewellery. For such occasions, you can wear antique jewellery such as necklaces, which are unique in design and silhouette. You can also wear bold and ostentatious rings or chunky bracelets that are made for giving you an elegant appearance. Don’t forget to add a little bit of chicness with the pop of colour through your earrings.

Wedding events:

Weddings are formal events. For such occasions, you have to bring out the best of your sophisticated and classy options. Long pendant of stones like blue sapphire is a reflection of elegance. Pearls are also a perfect option to wear on formal events as they bring out the grace and add charm to an outfit.

Diamonds are also one of the best options, but you can always add a bit of colour that goes well with the outfit. You can always add an earring jacket that adds that final touch to your edgy formal look.

Office wear:

Every workplace has a certain kind of atmosphere. Some are casual, and some are formal. Some days you need to look crisp and clean, and some days you can just be laid back. So, when you are working, it is best to keep it minimal in most case scenarios. Avoid things that are big and comes in the way or jewellery that is attractive and distracts your colleagues. Simple ring bands or sleek metallic bracelets are a perfect option for all kinds of workplaces.

You can also wear studs or huggies as they are minimal and classic. If you want to add a little bit of colour, you can add those in your dressing attire and keep the accessories minimal. Watches are a perfect added piece of jewellery that you can wear anywhere and anytime.


Jewellery has played a significant role in our fashion industry over the years. No matter what sort of occasion it is, jewellery has remained as an asset that completes the look or an outfit. It is that extra oomph that helps in improving a look. Jewellery has now become a part of our everyday life. It has now become a form of expression of personality and uniqueness. Since each individual varies from one another, the choice has also become very vast ranged. For every occasion, you have categorized statement jewellery available that meets your style, personality, and standard. With the expanding industry, individuals are personalizing and making their own rules. You just have to keep yourself updated with what’s going around and choose what suits you best enhances your personality.

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