Thursday 21 May 2020

Why Give a Subscription Box for a Baby Shower?

Baby showers are common before birth, although some people celebrate them after the bundle of joy’s arrival. Most parents celebrate their baby showers before giving birth to their little one because the events after the delivery can be a blur of sleepless nights and nappy-changing moments.
When you have a friend who expects their first-born son or daughter, what you can give them as gifts are valuable to both parents and baby. It can be a book about developmental milestones, what to do when the baby has gas in his tummy, or you might give some nappies to help the new parents buy other needs of their beloved baby.

Why Subscription Boxes?
If you are not familiar with baby things or you are doing last-minute shopping, you can get subscription boxes that will be helpful to the new baby and his parents. You can click here for a long list of baby subscription boxes to know more. You can ship the boxes directly to the recipient if you can’t make it to their homes. Here are some examples of the first subscription boxes that you can give.

Wipes and Diaper
Some companies have offers of diapers and wipes in a box. Most of the ingredients used in both wipes and diapers are for sensitive skin. However, if your friend prefers something else, you can adjust the bundles to make room for other brands. A new parent may find it overwhelming to anticipate their newborn’s every need.

If they have a recurring subscription of diapers and wipes, they don’t have to go out to the supermarkets to shop. Instead, they can sign up to gift cards and make sure that the essential bundles are delivered to their doorstep every month.

Ready-to-Eat Food Bundles
Being a new parent is a tough one. Getting to know a little one takes time, and every cry means a different thing. Most parents are so exhausted that it takes a lot of effort for them even to cook meals. They can certainly appreciate a gift for family-friendly food bundles that they can prepare in less than 15 minutes.

What makes this gift great is that most companies send fresh ingredients to your friend’s door. They can prepare dinner in minutes and eat healthy food at the same time. One can choose from lemon pepper chicken, hatch Chile burger, sesame beef and broccoli, artichoke, and ricotta ravioli, and Burmese shredded chicken. The chefs measure everything and make sure that every calorie is counted. More about ready to eat food here:

Story Books
Subscription for storybooks is very popular. There are picture and board books for all ages. Most kids enjoy looking at pictures to stimulate their eyesight. Most parents specifically request for picture books because they can bond with their babies through nighttime readings.
Younger babies can listen well to a story or two. Having new books to read every week can help them become more engaged, and they can widen their vocabulary as well. Most of the subscription companies have give-back programs as well, where you can donate unused books for those kids that are in need, so be sure to check them out.

New Clothes
Baby clothes are must-haves. New parents can appreciate stylish clothing that will suit their baby’s needs, no matter the weather. If your friend loves to dress up, there’s a big chance that her little one will also play dress up. Every new mom should have bodysuits or own at least a kimono top for her little one.

New clothes can make the baby comfortable, and most subscription boxes contain clothes up to a year old. There are also gift cards that can be used at any age once mom realizes that baby is growing way too fast. They can stay at home and get boxes every month that contain a variety of very fashionable clothes.

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