Friday 31 July 2020

Buying CBD Oil for Dogs


If you are always keen about your dog's health and wellness, you might probably know a thing or two about CBD Oil. But, if you are a new pet owner, this might seem like a new topic to you.


For some time now, the product has been in use by most people to offer some relief to their pets. Even though there is no exact proof that it can be used for treatment in animals, it has still shown a few positive results when used as treatment for certain health conditions in animals. 


With that aside, here are a few things you might want to have in mind when shopping for CBD oil. If you are looking to get more information, community website for Petcbd is definitely a great source.


What is CBD Oil? 

If you are planning to use some substance on your dog, at least you should know what it is first. It is a naturally occurring compound that is usually found in hemp plants. 


Unlike the marijuana plant, hemp plants usually contain a lower percentage of tetrahydrocannabinol, commonly known as THC. The THC is what is responsible for all the psychoactive effects when a person uses marijuana products. This means that CBD products are safe to use without any fear of getting high. Hemp oil can be found in many different sizes, this oil is a great starter to give it a test drive.


Forms of CBD Oil products 

These products often come in different forms. This gives you the opportunity to choose the product that works for your dog. Here are some of the products available. 


● Dog treats 

The compound can be incorporated into various types of dog treats. Most pet owners often find this as one of the easiest ways to give CBD oil to your dog since most dogslove having treats. 


The treats come in many different flavours and sizes. Each of them also have different dosage levels which makes it easier for you to pick what suits your canine friend. 


With dog treats, it is almost difficult to miss the correct dosage since they have everything labelled on the package including the weight for which you can use them. 


● Topicals

If you are having a dog that is suffering from skin conditions such as rushes, muscle aches or allergies, this would be a great solution for you. Topical creams work the best for such conditions. Even when your pet is suffering from arthritis, you only need to apply the cream directly to the skin of the animal and wait for magic to happen. This will bring some quick relief to the dog as it alleviates the pain. 


● Capsules 

Capsules are also one of the many forms in which CBD Oil comes in. To administer the oil to your pet, you will need to put it inside your dog's favourite treats or food. This is a good and easy way since it can be difficult to get the dog to take the capsules separately. 


● Tinctures 

If you are looking to find the purest forms of the CBD Oil,you might want to look for tinctures. They usually come in small sized dropper bottles. 


You can give it directly to the dog by putting some drops under the dog's tongue. Using tinctures is always the best solution for those who have problems with getting the right dosage. 


Putting a few drops under the tongue will allow for the oil to be absorbed fast into the bloodstream. This is why they are said to be working faster compared to topical creams or treats. See more here


What dosage do you need for your dog? 

It is very important to use the right dosage since either under dosing or overdosing can bring further complications. Getting the right dose might be confusing but here are a few tips you can use. 


● The size of your dog 

Both the size and weight of your pup can determine the amount of oil to use. If you buy high quality CBD products, you will always find a dosage chart also included with the item. However, it is also quite obvious that a big sized dog will require more of the oil as compared to a small puppy. You can also find other products having different concentrations for different dog sizes. 


● The product 

Dosages can also vary depending on the products you are planning to use. For instance, you might find that where you would need to use 3 treats or 10 drops of tincture, you will only use a single capsule. You might need to read the package label for more information. 


● Medicinal or therapeutic 

You also need to know what condition you want to treat in your pet. For conditions such as anxiety and information, you might need therapeutic usage. However, for conditions such as epilepsy or cancer, you will definitely need medicinal usage. This will also require different dosages. Click here to read more.



Shopping for CBD products can be a headache to most new pet owners. However, this simple guide can help you to get started. Make sure to seek guidance from your local vet officer before giving the oil to your pet if you have no idea how to go about it.


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