Printable babymoon ideas for a safe, stress-free retreat

If you’re a soon-to-be mom, you’re already intimately familiar with how hectic a pregnancy can be—and you know it only gets crazier when baby arrives. That’s why so many moms opt to plan a babymoon, one last vacation for themselves (partners optional) to relax and self-indulge before baby is due.

If you’re like me, your eyes are bugging out at the idea of buying flights, accommodations, and everything else required for a vacation while also preparing for the incredible expenditure that is raising a human child. But don’t worry—there’s no need to travel or spend a ton to plan a successful babymoon. This guide from Florida Panhandle has at-home suggestions for all kinds of moms, from foodies to athletes to frugal staycationers. It also includes some adorable printables for babymoon travel or at-home activities. Check it out!

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