Monday 20 July 2020

The Best Budget Camping Activities!

Camping can be as expensive as you let it become. When we go we try to ensure the kids have lots to do but we don’t spend an arm and a leg doing it. 

To enjoy camping with kids I suggest you invest in these simple products to keep the kids entertained and allow you to have a relaxing time out in the woods. 

Glow sticks and glow toys are a huge hit at night! These can all be found at the dollar store and you can stock up for a few nights of fun! 

Fishing rods are always a great choice and they do not have to be expensive. You can get a decent rod and reel setup for shore fishing for around $20. 

Light up lawn darts are an amazingly fun game. You can find cheap sets at certain dollar stores or buy them online or in Walmart. 

Sparklers are also lots of fun and make for some amazing pictures too. Load up at the dollar store for fun nights around the campfire.

Marshmallow roasting is a time honoured tradition and it’s a teachable moment about fire safety and hot food! 

Water guns and floaties are a great investment if your at a swimmable lake! 

Pellet guns and BB guns are great ways to teach kids about gun safety and you may spark an early marksman.

Bug catchers are a great way to keep the kids on the hunt for new and exciting creatures. Teach them about catch and release and different species of critters. 

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