Sunday 23 August 2020

Savvy consumer tips for successful online grocery shopping

1, How do you shop thoughtfully when you can’t touch and see items such as meat or produce?


The short answer is: it’s hard. Bridging the gap between an image of a mango on your screen and what that actual mango looks, feels, and tastes like is something grocers and retailers struggle with. Companies that start to offer more updated content about their offers and specials will benefit with more customer loyalty. People will start to judge the quality of their grocer by consistency. Consistently delivering the correct items on-time that are fresh and at the correct temperature will be a major factor in how customers choose their grocer.


2, Any shopping behaviors that basically make you likelier to spend more money, like unshakeable brand loyalty?


We believe in the value of experience. If a brand can provide a great experience—whether that is in-store or digitally—they will win new customers, retain old customers, and learn more about the people they serve. Loyalty will only last so far if a brand fails to provide a shopping experience that is comparable to alternatives.


3, How do you go about choosing a delivery service?


Start by seeing who your grocer uses. If you trust your local grocer, they probably partner with a reputable delivery service if they don’t handle delivery on their own. There are excellent promotions that a lot of the delivery providers are running now to win the business of new customers. Try a few, see what you like, and know that there are a lot of competitors in this space so don’t feel “locked-in” to a single delivery provider.


4, What recourse does a shopper have when they don’t receive items in their order (but are still billed)?


Most shoppers have the ability to raise issues with the grocer or the delivery partner if something is missing or wrong. It’s likely that you’ll get full credit back for your missing or damaged item, and you can apply that credit toward your next order. Consumers are fortunate to have a lot of places to voice their opinions today. Brands monitor social media much more closely than they used to because so many customers use social media as a way to air complaints. Most delivery services will have a way for you to submit questions or complaints in their app or on their website—that is usually the best way to get their attention.



5, Do you think shoppers will continue grocery shopping even after the pandemic subsides?  


We’ve have done some initial research with our partner, Alpha, digging in to that question. Our early results show that about 50% of shoppers still prefer to shop in-store even under full-COVID restrictions. We tend to think we will see a split between perishable and non-perishable where traditional in-store experiences will be more geared toward the shopper discovering and shopping for things like dairy, meat and produce—while non-perishables will become more likely to be bought digitally. In the background, more and more of every household’s basket will move to online and will likely move to retailers who have top-notch digital experiences.



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