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5 Ways to Save on Your Heating Bill This Winter

Autumn and winter bring many joys, but your home's heating bill is not one of them. While you may feel some relief at finally being able to give the air conditioner a break, soon enough the temperatures will start falling and you'll need to fire up the furnace. Luckily, you can save money on your heating bill without having to make major investments or improvements. Let's take a look at a few low-cost, or even free, strategies for lowering your heating bill this winter and keeping more of your money in your pocket. Leave the Oven Door Open People often focus on their kitchens as an area for improving functionality and efficiency. In fact, 14% of homeowners in 2018 planned to make improvements to their kitchens. While these improvements can transform a homeowner's kitchen into one they've always dreamed of, they often come with a hefty price. To lower your heating bill this winter, you don't have to spend any money in the kitchen and can instead make better

How to Prep Your Home for Winter Travel

Winter is a great time to cash in on off-season bargains and enjoy exciting new destinations without having to fight peak-season crowds. Winter travel, however, may require a bit of extra planning on the front end. Before you escape the seasonal drudgery for those exotic tropical landscapes, be sure you give your home the extra care needed to ensure it’s in tip top shape when you return. The following cold weather preparation doesn’t take a lot of work, but missing important parts of this weatherization process could result in huge headaches and even bigger repair bills. Before You Start Before you begin your travel preparations, be sure you’ve completed your routine annual winterization . Some things you may need to check off your list include: Closing your pool for the winter. Shutting off your irrigation system. Disconnecting and draining any outdoor hoses. Closing exterior vents around the foundation of your home. Securing or storing lawn furniture. Once you’re sure your yearly t

Mom's biggest fears about moving

Featured Image Alt-tag: A mom and a girl surrounded by moving boxes. Whether you are looking for a bigger home or just a change of scenery, finding a new place to call your own can be an excellent step for your family. However , moving can be difficult and stressful at times, and even more so for moms. There are many more things to consider when moving with kids than there are for those relocating alone. In this article, we look at mom's biggest fears about moving and how to deal with them to have a successful transition. Financial concerns Moving can be costly, even more so if you are buying a home for the first time. Moms usually worry about finances , especially if they are going through this during the pandemic . If you want to avoid issues in this aspect, it would be good to know about the move as early as possible and start saving. It is a good idea to have something for a rainy day, which you can use during this time . Having emergency funds in case something unexpected co

Your Health and You: What Diseases Should You Be Wary of in Your 50s and Beyond?

People are living longer and staying healthier than ever before. But, there are diseases that can sneak up on the 50+ crowd and cause health problems and if not treated, earlier death. By taking better care of themselves, seniors can live healthier, longer lives. Some changes involve lifestyle improvements and eating a better diet. Another way to stay healthier as one age might involve taking proven health supplements. What is Klotho Protein? The human body produces many helpful substances to heal itself. One such substance is  klotho protein.  some people produce more and some people produce less of this protein. Those people who produce more klotho protein stay healthier and have better cognitive performance levels. Klotho is produced in the human kidney and protects against kidney disease, cardiovascular disease, cancer, and diabetes. Can Klotho Supplements help? But some people do not produce enough of this valuable protein and this may lead to decreased insulin production. These p

Parents Must Use This Extra Time and Teach Their Kids How Money Works

  In many parts of the country, kids are spending much more time at home. The time spent commuting to and from school has been cutout for those still learning from home, and many extracurricular activities are still canceled. Instead of letting your children play Fortnite all day, this newfound time each day creates an excellent opportunity for parents to teach their kids about money.    Sadly, personal finance classes are non-existent in today’s academic curriculum. Children learn to add and subtract, but they don’t learn basic financial literacy. They aren’t shown critical money concepts like how to make their money grow, how to avoid debt and how to become financially stable adults. The result: widespread financial illiteracy and a society that continues to struggle with money. The worst part is it doesn’t have to be this way. We can’t rely on our education system to teach these important lessons, so it’s up to parents to teach their children. Now is the time.    American consumer d

7 Places to Encourage Your Parents to Retire

  Retirement should be a time of rest, relaxation and enjoyment. The commutes have been driven, the projects completed and the checks cashed. It's time for a new adventure to begin. Retirement provides the opportunity to move to a new area or begin traveling. Regardless of your parents' reasons for retiring , they will likely have more time and freedom on their hands. They should consider their retirement goals and objectives to choose an area that suits their needs. There are many factors to consider when moving to a new location. Does the area have a high quality of life and low housing costs? Will it be an accessible travel destination when family comes to visit? What's the environment like, and are there any appealing activities? Keep reading to discover seven unique cities that are great for retirement. 1. Fort Myers, Florida Fort Myers is a charming midsized town in southwest Florida. The Caloosahatchee River runs through the city and into the Gulf of Mexico

How to Save Money on Your Next Family Home

  Is it time to pack up and move the old homestead? Whether you are growing your family or merely need a change of scenery, you have many decisions to make. Considering that a home is the most significant financial decision many people make, expect to base judgments on economic factors.  How can you save money on your next family home? The following eight tips can leave you with more cash in your wallet and less stress when you tuck yourself in at night  1. Downsize There are no two ways around it — the more space you have, the more your home will cost. This principle extends far beyond the initial purchase price. It costs anywhere from $2,000 to $3,000 more a year to heat every additional 1,000 square feet of footage. That figure doesn’t include water or other maintenance.  It makes sense to buy the smallest comfortable abode if money drives your decision-making. If you feel cramped, look for acreage. They aren’t making more land, which means you won’t lose money on the inves

Protect your children in a crash with these car seat safety tips

Being a parent means putting the welfare and the safety of your children first. This applies in every area of their lives, from cutting their food up so they don’t choke, to warning them of stranger danger and of course whilst you’re traveling in the family car.  Of course, you may be a cautious and wary driver, however, that won't always prevent you from being in a car accident.  And if the accident resulted  in  severe injuries caused by someone else’s negligence, you should visit  to hire a car accident lawyer who can help you secure compensation for all the damage you beared.   How much is my Georgia car accident claim worth?  Click the link to speak to a personal injury lawyer, now.  However, there are ways you can keep your child safe whilst you're driving and increase their chances of survival and walking away from the accident injury-free. And that is where their car seat comes in. Having a good qual

10 Seafood Recipes Your Kids Will Love

  Kids know what they like, and most don't want to try new things, so it's a struggle to make something different for lunch or dinner. While they could eat boxed mac and cheese or hot dogs endlessly, you know they need more nutrients from natural foods. Seafood is an excellent source of nutrition, but how can you get children to eat it? Check out these 10 seafood recipes your kids will love. They don't require much time or money, so the entire family can try new meals on any budget. 1. Crispy Cod Nuggets Chicken nuggets are a staple food for kids. They love getting them fresh in the drive-thru or on their tray during school lunches. Transition them to seafood without giving them something completely new by making crispy cod nuggets at home. Cut fresh cod into nugget-sized pieces, then bread and fry them. Serve with a yummy side like sweet potato fries and have fun experimenting with various spices to personalize the recipe. 2.  Low-Calorie Shrimp Alfredo Alfredo