Monday 12 October 2020

Fall Hair Care

Fall is here and the weather can be a real treat to our hair. It’s windy, rainy, cold and this can make us want to do nothing more than toss in a pony and be done with it. Not like there’s anything wrong with that but your hair deserves special care.

Scunci products make for some of the most beautiful dos even if your hair feels flat and lifeless. These adorable scrunchies and headbands help add that little pop of colour we all need during the colder months. And the bobby pins help hold together those whispy little hairs that get blown around in the fall wind storms. 

Finesse shampoo and conditioner helps your hair stay hydrated and full of volume during the cool weather and smells fantastic! Your hair will feel smoother every time you brush even if you spent the whole day at the pumpkin patch. Finesse is affordable for everyone which is a huge plus in these crazy pandemic times. Affordable hair care is hard to find, so take advantage of this awesome product while you can! 

Common fall hair fails and how to fix them:
Split ends - Get a trim this fall to refresh your look
Dry hair - Treat your hair to Finesse moisturizing shampoo
Knots - Condition with Finesse moisturizing conditioner
Flat hair - Add volume and colour using Scunci hair accessories

The best hair styles to take advantage of in the fall to maintain silky smooth hair that’s easy to manage are:

  • Braids
  • Pig tails
  • Buns
  • Easy updos 
  • Scunci ponytails 
Don’t forget to wash your locks with Finesse shampoo and conditioner and add fresh style to your look using Scunci hair accessories! 

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