Tuesday 27 October 2020

Halloween Sexcapades: Get Dressed to Undress!

With Halloween just days away, we're all thinking about what to wear this year! Although Halloween is often considered only as a kid's holiday, the truth is that most adults love this opportunity to dress up for one evening and be someone else because we all love fantasies and fun.

Incidentally, this is also the reason why we love sex. Both allow us to explore fantasies and recreation between the sheets. So, what can be better than when they overlap. Then add the world's leading sex expert LELO to the mix and what you get is the most fun sex ever. Bonus, you'll have some great stories to tell your friends over drinks, even cause giggles if things take a wrong turn.

How can various types of play enhance your sex life?

Playing in the bedroom can be a tremendous and extremely erotic practice for those who have an active imagination and want to experiment with their sexual identity. It's also a way in which to take one's interest and transcend it in the bedroom with their partner. It is not only a tool and curiosity that allows couples to bond together; it is also a way to increase arousal and keep things interesting because the scenarios are limitless.

But, why would someone dress up so elaborately only to have their outfit taken off for sex? Well, it is a kind of foreplay that enhances the sexual experience. It's not so much about dressing up or taking on a character, as much as feeling bold, sexy, and attractive, and allowing that turn on both partners.

For newbies to the scene who are a bit shy or apprehensive, costumes are a great gateway to experimentation. Try the less intimidating versions - play a doctor and nurse, or superhero and villain. Or if you feel a bit bolder, drift into BDSM play using an array of toys. In any case, pay as much attention to the positions, as you do to the costumes. You can also set the mood for the evening by choosing a costume or any other Halloween item and then using the desired motif in bed.

Layer up and prepare to moan & groan all night

A mummy as sexy inspiration for some spooky good time in bed? Hell yeah! Sometimes slow is the way to go and here is how. The receiving partner kneels on the edge of a couch while their partner enters from behind.  If balanced correctly, the topping partner will be able to stand more or less still while holding on to their partner's ankles, and the partner can rock back and forth on their shins as they shift their weight. It may take a while to get you there, but practice makes perfect! Please go on, give it as many tries as needed.

Witchy Woman

Early depictions of witches often portrayed them nude, which is not surprising given the academic speculation at the time of the sexual nature of wickedness. Even today, sex scenes in series and movies often involve a coven or witchcraft imagery. So, why not try something along those lines in bed. This position allows you to work your magic with a medium-sized SMART WAND on both your clitoris and the base of your partner's penis as your ride into the night, and the view will have your partner spellbound!

Turn Their World Upside Down

Bats are closely associated with Halloween, so why not try the bat in the bedroom on Halloween. Why should the undead have all the fun?!? If you're keen to try it, you'll need a very sturdy chin-up bar, some practice, and even more trust in the partner who is taking you under their wing and supporting both your weight. If not, then enjoy some sensual biting and sucking of the neck into your love-making. Singles, have no fear. Even you can do your version of the bat by using sonic waves on yourself.

Trick or treat

No one likes to be tricked in the bedroom. It is always better to opt for a treat. Try using candy as an oral sex enhancer. Play with smooth and round candy. Hold it with your tongue against the underside of their shaft as you move your mouth up and down. Use liquorice as a makeshift cock ring and dig in. If you are more into chocolate and rock'n'roll lifestyle, remember the story about one of the most famous R'n'R bands in history, their frontman and the infamous Mars bar.

In the end, be open and creative. Try out anything that pops into mind. Use this night to unleash any undisclosed desires. So, the best advice we can give you is to explore yourself and your interests. Tapping into different types of play, be it in a fun and friendly social situation, or as a means to find your authentic self, is a positive thing and something that we encourage. But remember: always play safe!

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