Wednesday 7 October 2020

LELO launches SORAYA WAVE™: World's most luxurious rabbit massager for blended orgasms

LELO heavy hitter is back with technology so in-tune with a woman's body it will leave a tidal-wave climax crashing over you. Again, and again, and again.

LELO SORAYA WAVE™ is the next generation of the biggest hype in the industry - a rabbit vibrator. Anyone with even the slightest curiosity for sex toys has heard of it, and most likely owns one. But, as usual LELO ups the game and gets even more out of an old faithful.

SORAYA WAVE™ is primarily a toy for women who take pleasure into their hands and prefer penetrative stimulations to achieve their orgasm. It's a pleasure device for a woman who knows her body, one that stimulates her g-spot experience and helps her achieve an otherworldly orgasm. It is for a woman curious about orgasms she never experienced herself, who prefers to test news things alone, all the while knowing it will heighten her experience with a partner. And now anyone can become that woman.

The SORAYA WAVE™ was engineered to combine the strong vibrations of the original SORAYA with the wave technology that pinpoints your internal pleasure and allows you to feel the power of sexual wellness. Featuring ultra-powerful vibrations for clitoral stimulation, a pulsating tip for deeply satisfying G-spot sensations and patented WaveMotion™ technology that rises and falls within you like the caress of a lover's fingers. SORAYA WAVE™ is a luxurious rabbit vibrator that moves in new waves. The “wave” means that aside from vibrating and offering a multitude of pleasure patterns, the toy also moves its two arms in a “come hither” motion to stimulate you into a dual orgasm frenzy. They don't call it a triple threat for no reason.

LELO's  patented  WaveMotion™  can  be  turned  on  or  off  according  to  the  mode  you  select.  WaveMotion™  technology  surges  in  a  ‘come-hither'  motion,  placing  direct  pressure  on  your  G-spot  while  rising  and  falling  inside  you.  In  doing  so,  WaveMotion™  ensures  SORAYA  WAVE™  reaches  your  G-spot  with  ease,  so  you  enjoy  a  consistently gratifying massage.

It's ergonomically designed so that it can offer you the best pleasure without any hassle. The handle contains a loop that is easy to hold at whatever angle suits you best, and it also contains a simple interface to control the intensity of vibrations along with moving through the various patterns. The fully flexible external arm with ultra-powerful vibrations that offers clitoral stimulation for all body types. Switch  between  the  8  vibration  patterns and set the mood however it pleases you.

It is fully rechargeable through a USB charging cable, and the fully waterproof design is super easy to keep clean, as well as designed for the exploration of different pleasures in the bath or shower.

LELO SORAYA WAVE™ comes with a golden-colour finish and body-safe silicone in three colors - LELO's classic shades of black, aqua and deep rose.

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