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Developing the habit of exercise in a daily routine is a tough ask. Our mind and body get used to something that we do consistently. The same goes for adding exercise to your routine. Constant actions become our habits, so keep trying unless you start doing exercise regularly. It may seem impossible initially, but you have to manage time according to your routine.

Some of the basic exercises include running, cycling, swimming, and strength workouts. It depends on you either you want to follow the natural way or take modern equipment. If you like to start the exercise by running, you may opt for the treadmill. But if you want to enjoy the fresh air in the morning, then you can stick to your jogging track. You can explore plenty of workout options to make them part of your daily life. But the challenging part is how to do it.

Here is a complete guide to understanding how you can incorporate exercise in your daily life.

Schedule your Time 

You have to set a time for exercise in your routine. It depends on your daily life tasks, so you need to manage it accordingly. You will end up putting it off if you don't fix a time for yourself. It is hard to develop a habit like this. 

There is a time set for every work. Whether it is breakfast, lunch, or anything else, you have to choose a time slot for exercise. From students to professionals, everyone has their timings, so depending on your routine, you need to decide what is best for you.  

Go Easy on Yourself Initially 

It is one of the most useful suggestions when you are adding a workout in your routine. In the beginning, you may have a lot of passion and enthusiasm. But doing too much can cause burnout initially. And it can result in quitting the habit before even it's developed.

For example, if you have started exercising on the vertical climber, 15 to 20 minutes will be enough. The same goes for an upright bike or treadmill. You have to make your body get used to bear the stress. If you are doing it in the right and effective way initially, then 20 minutes are more than enough. The key is to go out there and introduce your body to such activities. By doing exercise daily, you will gradually transform it into a habit. 

Increase Your Time 

Once you have developed a habit of doing exercise daily, then you can increase the timing. You may set a reminder for yourself as well. By increasing the intensity of workouts, you can feel the difference in your body strength. 

You have to wait at least two to three weeks after starting the exercise to increase the time. It is the minimum time your body takes to get adjusted. Afterward, you can increase the length of workouts up to forty minutes to an hour. You will run faster for long distances and can do various exercises in a single day.

Gain Pleasure 

If you have linked the habit with pain, it will become difficult for you to continue this new routine. Try seeking pleasure and positivity out of this. Whether you do exercise indoor or outdoor, you have to make the most of it. Feel fulfilled with every drop of sweat as you will make a positive addition to your life by incorporating exercise in it. To feel better, you can enjoy the beautiful scenery outside. Sunrise in the morning and the chirping of birds makes a positive impact on your mind. This beautiful environment provides you a perfect opportunity to enjoy your workouts.

Try Different Things

You can try plenty of exercises daily as it will keep you interested. You need to understand that each workout provides different benefits to your body. Instead of running daily, you can try various exercises such as swimming is one of the best ways to develop muscles. If you are doing similar exercise daily, you are pounding the same muscles, not giving them enough recovery time. Therefore, you have to give rest to your muscles by trying different exercises. 

Do Not Miss a Day

When four to five days pass after your new workout routine, you may start to wonder that it is alright to skip a day. But this can make it tough to develop your habit. You have to remember that consistency is the key. Try to identify the reason that is forcing you to skip a day. Then analyze how you can overcome it. In this way, you will remain focused and determined to accomplish your goals. 


Taking care of your body is just like maintaining the car. You take your automobile to the service station regularly and change its engine oil at the right time to ensure it keeps working smoothly. Similarly, you have to add exercise in your routine to live a healthier life and do well in all aspects of life. A healthy body guarantees a healthy mind, so you need to manage your daily routine to incorporate exercise into it. Remember that health is wealth, so invest in it wisely. Hopefully, this article will help you add exercise to your daily life routine efficiently and live a healthy life.

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