Wednesday 11 November 2020

Giving Thanks Via Zoom

Bring to mind a picturesque Thanksgiving scene. A long, dining room table decorated with place settings in a Fall color palette, topped with statement foods like turkey, cranberry sauce, gravy and potatoes. Relatives and loved ones file in and take their seats, hold hands and exchange blessings then partake in joyous conversations full of laughter. Add in a football game or two and some sibling rivalry and you get a traditional Thanksgiving day. This year, however, we are going to have to steer away from tradition due to circumstances. 

Instead of hand-holding and plate passing, you’ll likely be giving thanks via a Zoom screen. While a year ago, this might be a laughable suggestion, in the current times it’s become the norm. People have gotten married on video camera, received college diplomas online, and grieved over the loss of a family member or friend via a virtual funeral. Despite not being able to celebrate in person, these occasions are important to recognize. So, this year as Thanksgiving approaches, it’s important to remember that despite the digital barrier you can still celebrate the core of what Thanksgiving is all about-- giving thanks.

Enjoy time with friends and family virtually adopting some new Thanksgiving traditions. This list of virtual Thanksgiving activities suggests virtual alternatives to some of those Thanksgiving classics like playing online football instead of flag football. 

If your family is the cooking type put those culinary abilities to the test. Host a virtual cook-off and use this voting ballot to cast the scores. This is your opportunity to tell your Aunt Sue that her green bean casserole has some room for improvement! 

If cooking isn’t your thing, take out your iPhone and capture your Thanksgiving by taking a picture of your plate. Use this placemat as a guide to perfectly position your sides and a main dish to get the best, Instagram-worthy photo.


And if your family likes a good laugh, have some fun with this printable guessing game. Cut out the cards, pick one at random and hold it up to your head without looking. Then have your family members provide clues to help you figure out what your card is. There are even a few blank cards for you to draw some inside holiday jokes, so get creative! 

Whether you cook or snap a photo, remember that even if this year is wildly different than past holidays, it doesn’t change the fact that it’s a holiday and one worth celebrating! 

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