Thursday 26 November 2020

Great Ways To Save On Laundry Expenses

 I absolutely cannot stand doing the laundry. If I could wear one outfit for the rest of my life and get my family on board I would be thrilled! Sadly this is not the way things work, so off to do the laundry I go. I do however have a few simple tips that can help you save some money on your laundry chores and make the job more manageable. 

Buy quality detergent in pods. Believe it or not, there is a big difference between the types of soap you buy. When you buy the powder or liquid you could be using harsh chemicals, weak soaps, and way too much of the product than you do when you buy the prefilled pods. 

Maintain and clean your machine regularly. Many problems washers and dryers have can be avoided with proper care and maintenance. Washers can begin to wear out and run roughly when not properly cleaned, if your washing machine has a cleaning setting try to get it done at least once a month for optimal performance. Only load it with the number of clothes it can handle as well because this is bad for your machine. You will require washer repair constantly if you are always overloading your machine.

Cut back on the amount of clothing you and your family members have. You probably have way too many clothes in your closet than you actually need. There are a large number of places you can donate your extra clothes to cut back on the amount of laundry you need to wash and fold on a continuous basis. My kids are horrible, right after I fold and hang all their clothes they decide to change at least two or three times a day just for the heck of it. If they have less clothing this makes less of a mess, making me happier! 

Hang dry when possible. Running your dryer to dry your clothes can be expensive. If you live in a warm place or have a large space you can dry clothes outdoors and in saving you money for things you really want. Hang drying can be a great way to cut back on your laundry expenses and it is great for the environment, one less machine running always counts for something.

What other ways can you save on your laundry expenses and how creative can you get to save another buck?

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