Wednesday 18 November 2020

10 shopping tips for the holiday season

Shoppers may go into the season with best intentions, but many break their budget during the holidays. There are ways to tighten the straps on the pocketbook and still afford the perfect gifts for loved ones. shares the strategies here: 10 Smart Holiday Shopping Tips for This Season

  • Make a list, check it twice. Be sure not to forget anyone; having this worked out ahead of time can help keep the shopper laser focused. 
  • Online shopping for cash back. Cash back sites are plentiful, so it would be silly not to take advantage of them when shopping online. 
  • Timing is key. Set an alarm if need be. Many retailers program registers for a sale the night before the “actual” sale.
  • Use those apps. There are apps that allow the consumer to maintain shopping lists, track shipments and view sales. 
  • Comparison shop. This is always essential, but even more important during the holiday shopping season. 
  • Gift cards are always an option. Gift cards may be one of the best inventions. Sometimes, when ideas run dry, it’s an easy option. 
  • Save on Cyber Monday. It’s become as popular as Black Friday and online shopping shows no sign of dying down during the pandemic. 
  • Consider the currency. While cash is king, some experts advise shoppers use credit cards for cash back, or to rack up points and miles. 
  • Take advantage of free shipping. Costs can add up. If an online retailer offers free shipping on certain days, try to take advantage.
  • Quick tip: be aware of exchange and return policies. Policies vary greatly, and many retailers have special policies geared toward the holiday season. 

Happy shopping! 

Simon Zhen, senior research analyst and spokesperson for MyBankTracker, is available to comment on money saving tips for the holiday season. Would you like to connect with Zhen?

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