Tuesday 22 December 2020

13 Awesome Holiday Gifts for Dads, Uncles and Brothers

The holidays are almost here, which means it’s time to delight everyone on your list with a unique and thoughtful gift. Which raises the centuries-old question — what do you get the guy who has everything? 

Have no fear. The list below has you covered whether you are running on less than a shoestring or have deeper pockets. These original and awesome holiday gifts for dads, uncles and brothers are sure to please the XY set on your list. 

1. The Gift of Time

If your wallet contains nothing but moths this year when it comes to gift-giving, you are far from alone. However, if you have an extra hour or so in your week, you can still give a meaningful present. 

Why not give the busiest dad on your list a homemade gift certificate for a night of free babysitting? If they don’t have kids, you can offer to do an unpleasant but necessary chore like shoveling the walk. 

2. Man-Cave Grub

Does the guy on your list live in his man-cave? While you can’t fault him for loving his sports-watching space, a fellow does work up a mighty hunger watching the playoffs. 

Get him the gift of jerky made from muscle — not the castoff bits of the cow. Round out your selection with individual snack bags of chips and nuts. That way, the remaining portions don’t go stale before he indulges.

3. An Office Stress Busting Game

Mindfulness is all the rage. Why not give the hardworking guy on your list a moment to regain focus with a stress-busting game for the office that centers them in the present moment? 

From desktop cornhole to coloring books, you can find tons of ideas for when flow comes hard. Sometimes, stepping back for a minute opens the inspiration floodgates. 

4. A Genuine Leather Monogrammed Wallet

What guy doesn’t want to look sleek and organized at the checkout? A high-quality monogrammed wallet keeps your fellow’s debit cards and family photos organized in style. 

You can’t beat the look and feel of genuine leather. However, if your lucky recipient embraces the vegan lifestyle, you can find cruelty-free materials as well. 

5. A Digital Coin-Counting Jar

Does dad save his pennies? Help him keep track of his stash with a digital coin-counting jar

It’s 2020, and many budgets are tight. Imagine the rush the recipient will feel when they finally save enough to take a mini-vacation.

6. A Mini Tailgating Grill

Does the guy on your list live to tailgate? They can enjoy much more than chips, dips and beer with a mini tailgating grill. 

You can find both electric and propane models. If you live in an area with frequent fire restrictions, the former is ideal if you throw in a small generator. 

7. A Heated Razor and Shave Set

Waking up on holiday mornings to freeze your face leaves your guy screaming like Macauley Culkin in “Home Alone.” Make their shaving experience less frigid with a heated razor

If you have more room in your budget, throw in a custom shave set. Sure, soap and water work in a pinch, but you can’t beat a creamy lather whipped up with a brush. 

8. A Customized Family Portrait

If the guy on your list is a family man, he probably carries pictures of his kids and spouse in his wallet. Why not bring them out of the dark and into the light? 

You can create customized family portraits — some studios convert your smartphone pics into oil paintings. Others create whimsical caricatures, depending on the mood and your man’s decor. 

9. A Hammock

What’s better than a Sunday afternoon nap? Taking your siesta in the great outdoors, that’s what. 

Let the lucky recipient enjoy his downtime with a cozy hammock. If he falls into the big and tall category, get an oversized one to cradle his frame. 

10. A Pair of Noise-Canceling Headphones

Did that someone on your list start working from home during the pandemic? Do his kids homeschool, too? 

Help him to eliminate distractions with a pair of noise-canceling headphones. Dad can tune into his binaural beats to boost his productivity instead of trying to ignore the sound of “Baby Shark” playing repeatedly. 

11. A Soft Cooler Backpack

Does dad go nowhere without a brewski in hand? Help him keep his stash cold. 

A cooler backpack lets him comfortably carry a six-pack or more when heading to the park for a picnic. It also keeps his stash of water bottles cold when he goes hiking off-grid. 

12. A Birdhouse-Making Kit

Is the fellow on your list still seeking at-home fun while the threat of nasty germs remains high? Let him indulge his handyman tendencies. 

A birdhouse-making kit takes the guesswork out of measurement. It may also reduce the need for sharp tools like saws, letting dads complete this craft with a little help from the toddler set. 

13. A Giant Snuggly Robe

Yes, guys are rugged. Guys are tough. However, they enjoy soft, cuddly indulgences, too. 

Keep that guy on your gift list cozy this winter with an indulgent Sherpa-lined robe that swaddles him in warmth. If he’s more into the spa scene, a monogrammed thirsty terry version helps him recreate the pampering experience at home. 

Delight Your Dad, Uncle or Brother With One of These Gifts

If the guy on your gift list has everything, you still need to get them a gift. Indulge your dad, uncle or brother with one of these unique ideas. 

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