Monday 28 December 2020

6 Benefits of Long Distance Walking With Your Baby

While it may be tempting to snuggle in at home with your baby, doing so can start to affect your mental and physical health. Getting outside and breathing in the fresh air is beneficial, for both you and your baby. 

One way to spend time with your baby outdoors is to take up long-distance walking. There are many benefits of long-distance walking, ranging from connecting with your child to strengthing your bones and increasing your balance.

If you are thinking about bundling your baby and taking them outside on a long-distance walk, here are several reasons why you should. 

1. Encourages Sleep

One of the benefits of taking a long walk with your baby in a Love To Be Natural baby carrier or sling is to encourage sleep. Walking has a lulling motion that will gently rock your baby to a deep and peaceful sleep. This is ideal if you are having problems getting your baby to sleep and are looking for different options. 

2. Promotes Physical Fitness 

A great benefit of walking with your baby is boosting your physical health. Walking can reduce your risks of developing serious diseases, lower your blood pressure, and boost your heart and lung health. Just by taking a walk, you are improving your physical health. 

3. Soothes You and Your Baby

One of the best benefits of walking is experiencing the soothing and calming effect of nature. Fresh air, green trees, and the sounds of nature can lower your stress hormones and encourage calm. If you are feeling stressed, consider taking a long-distance walk with your baby.  

4. Allows You to Connect With Other Parents

A helpful walking benefit is connecting with other parents. If you are walking along popular paths or taking a parent and baby walking class, you can connect with other parents who have babies of a similar age. This is especially beneficial for new parents or parents without many friends with kids. 

5. Boosts Immunity

Walking is a great way to boost your and your baby’s immune system. A recent study shows walking provides small changes in your immunity that help keep you from getting sick. This is a great way to encourage overall health while connecting with your baby. 

6. Promotes Language and Motor Skills

Taking your baby for a walk provides a host of new sensory experiences. Processing this new information can help jumpstart your baby’s language and motor skills. If you want to give your child a headstart on their cognitive ability, consider taking them outside for a walk. 

These Are the Benefits of Long-Distance Walking With Your Baby

There are many benefits of long-distance walking, for you and your baby.

Walking outside encourages healthy sleep for your baby and promotes physical fitness for you. Being outside in nature is soothing and allows you to connect with other parents. Best of all, you will experience boosted immunity and help your little one develop language and motor skills.

Going on a long-distance walk is one of the best activities you can do with your baby. 

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