Wednesday 2 December 2020

Low-Cost Repurposing Craft Projects Your Family Can Do at Home

Did you know that students who study art are four times more likely to be recognized for academic achievement and three times more likely to be awarded for school attendance? Engaging your young children or teenagers in art projects at home can encourage and boost their creativity.

Perhaps your family is looking for fun activities to do together. With the winter comes a need to stay inside, and perhaps you're trying to stay on a stricter budget, too. Here are some low-cost craft projects your family can do right at home together with the use of old wooden pallets and wine corks you may have laying around your home, garage, or shed.

Repurpose Wooden Pallets

Wooden pallets are another option when it comes to repurposing unused or extra material. The typical lifespan of a wooden pallet ranges from three to five years, but plastic pallets have a durable design that can last for up to 10 years. Whichever you may have lying around, there are a few ways for you to transform your wooden pallets into a piece of furniture or decoration for your home.

First, you can transform a wooden pallet into a small bar for inside your home or for your deck outside. After cleaning the wooden pallet, give it a fresh layer of paint and add a sturdy material on top to serve as a counter. Attaching wheels may be handy as well. Add a small plant and perhaps a candle alongside your ice bucket and glasses as some finishing touches.

Another option for repurposing a wooden pallet is simply painting it. Your kids will love this project. Dig up some paint you have laying around your garage or purchase some new colors. Set up an area in your home covered in newspaper to avoid any paint disasters. With some music playing and paintbrushes in hand, your family can design a fun masterpiece to hang above your fireplace or in your kids' playroom.

A wooden pallet can also be turned into a coffee table for your living room, basement, or another area in your home. After painting, staining, and purchasing wheels and a sheet of glass, you can transform a wooden pallet into a usable coffee table. Decorate your new piece of furniture with some knickknacks to make it feel cozy.

Repurpose Wine Corks

Do you have a bunch of wine corks laying around or perhaps saved in a holder? Maybe you're looking to declutter or get rid of items simply taking up space. Here are some fun craft options that include utilizing these little bottle stoppers.

One project is creating a cork board out of old wine corks. To get started, purchase a picture frame or two, depending on how many corks you have to use. A square or circular shaped frame will work. You can also utilize materials you have laying around to make a sturdy back for your board if you don't wish to purchase frames. Then, cut your wine corks in half and hot glue them in a patterned fashion onto your board. Cut out small pieces of colored paper and purchase some cute pins. Write little reminders or inspirational quotes and stick them onto your board. Hang it on the wall in your kitchen, your home office, or a bathroom. This creative piece of decoration will be admired by any guest in your home!

Almost 86% of people say receiving flowers makes them feel special, so another option for repurposing wine corks is turning them into a flower box. This gift would be wonderful for a family member or friend who loves wine. Start by utilizing extra wood you may have and turn it into a long, rectangular box. Be sure it's the correct size to carry and hold a few wine bottles. Like the previous project, cut the corks in half and hot glue them in a pattern of your choosing onto the box. Perhaps you'll use the corks to spell out the word "wine." Wash out some wine bottles and place flowers inside of them. Then, put the wine bottles, perhaps three or four filled with flowers, into the flower box. This wine-themed flower box will make any lover of wine smile.

Wine corks can also be repurposed as stamps. Decorate holiday cards, envelopes, or gifts with a variety of circular-shaped stamps, such as a reindeer head, an apple, an ornament, fruit, or a holiday cookie. Since many fruits are circular shaped as well, perhaps a fruit-themed decorative piece for your children's playroom would be a fun idea, too. This is a creative project your children would enjoy working on alongside some markers, paper, and stickers!

If you have wooden pallets from a shipment or an abundance of wine corks in a display at home, there are creative ways to repurpose these materials as gifts or for decorations to utilize in your own home. Get out the hot glue gun, paper, nails, a hammer, and other craft supplies and get started on some fun repurposing, low-cost craft projects with your family!

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