Tuesday 22 December 2020

What’s Trending In Home Renovation For 2021

Trends change every year and it’s nice to know what to look forward to in 2021. What’s changing and what’s staying the same , what new looks will be available for your new decor? There are some exciting new styles and colours coming into play this new year and here is how you can step into the trendy side of life this coming year. 

Vintage has been a thing for a while now and people have not shied away from the fact that old school style is chic and stylish. Older pieces are easy to find but can be costly and finding pieces to match in a redesign may be a challenge sometimes. There are a large number of ways to include vintage style into redesign from rugs, to curtains to ceiling tiles and more and there will be more options added to the stock in 2021. 

Rustic Vogue or Cottagecore is a simple twist off of vintage style and comes in pastels and small flashes of glamour. This style is growing quickly but isn’t for everyone as it is a touch more feminine then most. This seems to be a style more suited for the classier bunch rather than the rough family crowd. 

Shores and Oceans have been making a huge splash in home decor and seems to be coming in quickly like a rising tide. There is something so soothing about the blues, waves and beach vibes that make us more able to relax and maintain calm and peaceful in our homes. A day at the beach doesn’t have to be a distant dream if your decor takes you there everyday. 

Influence from an international level seems to be making an appearance as well. Whether it’s paintings from Paris, or African wooden decor it seems to be hitting homes more and more these days and 2021 is going to hit it hard. Opening our minds and our homes to international culture may help us become more connected even if only in a private way. 

Watch for more trending decor styles this year and se if you can guess what’s coming for 2022. 

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