Tuesday 22 December 2020

Which Style Door Is Best Suited For You?

Depending on what type of home you live in you can get as fancy or as simple as you want with design and decor. The outside of your home speaks to your neighbour’s about who you are as a person and what type of unique style you have. There are many different options for door styles you can add to your home and many have different positives and negatives depending on what your looking for. 

Privacy entry doors don’t generally have windows that can be peered into by strangers coming to your door. Solid doors with just a tiny peep hole are great if you are concerned about people seeing in and don’t care much for seeing out. You can get solid doors without windows in metal, wood and man made materials that are very sturdy. These doors are favoured among the wealthy older crowd and for good reason, they are very secure.

French doors are available with or without windows and can definitely be beautiful to look at but have a lot of down sides. After a while the seal can go in them causing fogging and drafts which is never a good thing. French doors are great for moving in and out of your hone since they can open twice as wide to allow for easy access. French doors can look stylish and sleek but are not exactly bulletproof when thinking of safety. Many with glass have large panels that are easy to see into or break easily, French doors without glass can be easily pried open if a criminal really wants in they are getting in. I wouldn’t recommend French doors unless you are absolutely comfortable in your neighborhood and your home layout. 

Solid doors with small windows are quite popular in smaller communities with smaller homes. They allow light to shine through smaller homes creating a feeling of a larger space. They can be quite solid if built and framed right and can look sleek and stylish on most any home. If you want to add privacy you can buy small curtain rods to fit the window and add an extra safety feature to avoid peeping toms. 

The type of door you get depends on your lifestyle and decor style. There is no wrong choice, it’s just what suits you. 

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