Thursday 7 January 2021

8 Treatments Moms Can Consider in 2021


Are you feeling in desperate need of a pick-me-up? After the ravages of the past year, who can blame you for wanting a little self-care?


Fortunately, both the cosmetic surgery and holistic medicine sectors continued making advances during the pandemic. Moms, here are eight treatments you can consider in 2021 to lift your spirits and improve your appearance and health.

1. Laser Therapy


Lasers are impressive for much more than their ability to create spectacular and humane Fourth of July light shows. Laser skin resurfacing can help minimize fine lines and wrinkles, reduce acne pitting and help you respond more effectively to facelift procedures.


Your recovery time depends on the type and intensity of the laser that you choose. Those designed to treat deep wrinkles could require you to use PTO while you can undergo surface treatments on your lunch break.


Nor do lasers reserve themselves to your face. If you feel less sensation down there after giving birth, vaginal therapy could help. It can reverse signs of pregnancy and aging and help correct the loss of hormonal support.



Jeepers, creepers — if your peepers don’t see as well as they once (or never) did, why not consider LASIK? While the procedure itself is costly, you’ll liberate yourself from countless more years of buying glasses, contact lenses and various solutions, none of which come cheap, either.


When selecting a center, exercise caution and good judgment with centers that advertise prices as low as $250 per eye. While costs have decreased somewhat, it still averages $2,200 per peeper for the procedure. Often, the listed sales only get you in the door — once you have the exam, the quoted cost increases to address conditions like astigmatism.

3. Microdermabrasion


You could stand on a windswept beach, but getting sand in your eyes can blind you. If you want to regain the feel of baby-smooth skin, why not consider microdermabrasion?


You might not even have to head to the day spa for this treatment, although it is popular to combine a light chemical peel with the procedure. However, you can find handy gadgets that let you slough off dead skin right in the privacy of your bathroom. Dermaplaning, a similar procedure, also removes the peach fuzz that can make your foundation look cakey.

4. Stem Cell Rejuvenation


You used to hear a considerable bit of controversy over the use of stem cells in the news, but now, they’ve taken the skincare world by storm. Many practitioners combine this procedure with microneedling to increase the benefits.


You can also do this procedure at home, although many women report superior results from visiting a spa. However, you can find microneedling devices and stem cell media on Amazon.


Please pay attention to the aftercare instructions — you’ll need to avoid makeup for 12 hours after application, and products containing Retin-A can diminish your results. Some risks do exist, although the legal gray area surrounding the procedure doesn’t necessarily minimize them when you go pro.

5. Sound Healing


Sound moves in waves and may have the ability to do anything from easing stress to repairing DNA. Some believe that ancient solfeggio frequencies often heard in Gregorian chants have mystical properties at different frequencies.


This treatment modality isn’t as new-agey as it sounds when you think on the atomic level. The atoms that make up your body all contain electrons that never stop circling the nucleus. You might know some of these particles as free radicals — unmated electrons that go out seeking partners while leaving a trail of cellular destruction in their wake.


If you remain skeptical of the science, sitting and listening to the harmonizing tones instead of cries of “Mom, I’m hungry” counts as hardcore self-care. Many treatments enclose you in a soundproof chamber — me-time at last — although you can recreate the experience on the cheap if you have a bathtub and speakers. The water helps direct the sound waves to achy spots.

6. Reiki


Reiki is far from new, but once the COVID-19 vaccines return things to something more resembling normalcy, you might crave healing human touch. This form of therapy arose in Japan in the 1800s and targets the energy field surrounding your body.


While this procedure also sounds new-agey, today, over 60 hospitals offer the technique. Controversy remains because science has yet to measure how it works, but it’s gaining in popularity. It’s relatively inexpensive and entirely non-invasive, so why not give it a try?

7. Myofascial Release Therapy


Your fascia is a thick connective tissue that runs in sheets through your body. When it becomes inflamed, it can cause widespread chronic pain.


Fortunately, you can test whether your fascia may be the culprit behind your agony in a jiffy. While muscle and joint injuries feel worse with movement, getting your blood flowing can release painful fascial adhesions where nerve fibers get stuck and repeatedly irritated by the moving tissue.


Myofascial release therapy helps to separate fused fibers and release the pressure on nerves. It feels a lot like a deep tissue massage, and it can work wonders for folks with fibromyalgia whose adhesions can fuse into painful trigger points.

8. Trigger Point Therapy


Trigger point therapy is like myofascial release on steroids. This method uses dry needling, which is similar to acupuncture but doesn’t work by stimulating chi flow, although some of the insertion points may be close.


Proponents of the technique recommend it for treating headaches, joint and lower back pain. Some also find it helpful for arthritis and carpal tunnel syndrome.

Moms, Consider These 8 Treatments in 2021


If you’re a busy mom, you deserve a little self-care after 2020’s chaos. Consider one of these eight treatments, then get on the horn and book an appointment with your favorite practitioner.

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