Be Vigilant With Your Security In These Dark Times

The crime rates have been skyrocketing everywhere and it doesn’t seem to be getting any better. As the world becomes more of a challenging place to live people are finding more ways to rip each other off and hurt everyone to get what they want or need. As people are falling off the edge of the earth it’s time to start protecting your castle and those within it. Here are a few sure fire ways to battle the criminals and stay safe in your own home. 

Install better locks on your doors and windows. Older homes have really simple locks and they can be broken easily and criminals have learned how long ago. If you are rocking old school locks in your home it may be time to call a locksmith Mississauga or wherever you may be. 

Install security cameras so you can have eyes on your house at all times when your not home and even when you are. There have been so many break ins and home invasions that have been recorded and helped lock up many criminals. Having security cameras can help deter thieves and keep your castle guarded. 

Getting a large guard dog is an old way to keep criminals away but has been tried and true for generations. If you love dogs and have been I’m thinking of getting one it may be time to look into a protective breed rather than a small breed. 

Join Facebook neighborhood groups so you can keep up with the criminal activity in your area. Many people will post when an incident has happened and give you details to watch for. You may be able to keep a crime from happening if you stay vigilant and know what to watch for, these groups can help keep you informed and you can help to do the same. 

Keep valuables locked up, always remember to lock your cars at the end of the night and never trust strangers coming to your door and asking for money or handouts. Stay safe and be careful and pass the knowledge down to your children so they understand the dangerous situations they can find themselves in. 

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